Just Had to Let Everybody Know There’s A Brand New UniquelyMadeDiva Video Over at Mercedesbbw You Should Go Buy!

I was getting ready to check out some hot new clips I’d just shot for blackstreet when I got the notion to check the Mercedesbbw.com Video Store for new stuff like I periodically do. Great! There’s a new UniquelyMadeDiva video on there now that I have to go and buy! “Big Girls Gone Wild 3” looks slightly weird, but what I saw’s looks like how I like it. I’d link a pic here, but there’s no right-clicking on Mercedes’s video ordering page, so rather than try to view the source code of the page to find some way to link it up, I’ll just send you there. Don’t forget Mercedes has made a new magazine too!
Vanilla Princess and Ivory are in he video too!

5 thoughts on “Just Had to Let Everybody Know There’s A Brand New UniquelyMadeDiva Video Over at Mercedesbbw You Should Go Buy!

  1. I saw the preview. I usually love her BBW gone Wild stuff, but this one looks tame.

  2. Tame. Yeah, that’s the word. I should’ve said ‘tame’ in place of weird. I’m still getting it though, even though something called “BBWs Gone Wild” should be wilder.

  3. the problem is mercedes cant get her to take it off. dats the best we will get from uniquelymadediva. which is crazy since she used to be naked on bigmates and shows her ass anyway. she could takeover the bbw market with dat ass. i dont want to see two woman in clothes fighting. does anyone have the magazine? looks like diva is in lingerie

  4. You’re the second or third person I’ve heard say UMD’s been on BigMates. I’m assuming that was a while back, but it was a while back when I was BigMates member too, & I didn’t see her on there then 😦 . Is she still on there now? I don’t want to check because last time I idd I didn’t see any decent proof that BigMates was still a living, updating site. Plus I don’t want to join a site for something that used to be there.

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