Another Message of Melancholy

(sort of)
Now don’t think for a minute that I, the rising master of candid bbw (sort of), am giving up on making fresh blackstreetbbw videos. Maybe you’ll read this post. Maybe not. Whatever. I’d already been thinking about what to do with blackstreetbbw while I’m living in D.C. and not VA, but yesterday’s bad busting made me think about it more. I actually avoided taping a heavy booty woman in the grocery store today! She had some nice thighs too, and the way her body was set up, all the booty fat was concentrated. It’s like there was this point on her lower thigh where she suddenly shot out wide up from there, then she pinched right back in around the waist. Despite the juciness of my description, it actually wasn’t a rump to die for, and that’s exactly why I didn’t tape her. This just feels like one of those times where I just need to lay low for a while, mind my business, stay at home when possible, edit my vids off my hard disk, and save the videography for the absolute best, ignoring even the best of the rest.

4 thoughts on “Another Message of Melancholy

  1. Hi,
    I sent you a comment a couple of weeks ago concerning full length dvds
    which you replied to and said you hoped to do some soon. I just wanted to say i am also interested in femdom dvds, but can only find femdom dvds featuring skinny to slim black or white dommes. I would love to buy bbw/ssbbw femdom dvds. do you know if there are any out there for sale? Hoping to hear from you,

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