What Gets You to Join Blackstreetbbw?

Really important question everyone. This one’s extremely important for blackstreetbbw‘s future! It think I’ve already figured the answer out though, at last.
In late 2007 I shifted my member-attracting focus away from showing the Updates in The non-member’s Tour Section and towards blackstreetbbw Preview Videos, thinking that, since it’s a video site, showing videos was the most important thing. Now I think I shot my site in the foot back then.
From the beginning, blackstreetbbw‘s membership numbers slowly but surely increased each month. Then, in 2007, they stopped. They’re at the exact same place now that they were at then. O_o . Does that mean that I ruined myself by doing that and nobody told me!? That’s like walking around with your fly open and food on your face for 4 years and nobody tells you- except I couldn’t really’ve expected someone to’ve told me about that explicitly. So… take this survey please!

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