Site Was Updated, but You Gotta Take the Poll too


I still really need people to take it! Only 8 people have taken it! I know I don’t deserve the royal treatment because I haven’t lived up to everyone’s expectations with my updates at all, but still! If you want blackstreetbbw to have a future better than it’s present and past, PLEASE TAKE THIS POLL!!!
Now, speaking of updating, I finally did it the other day.
That means that the first of the blackstreetbbw beach videos have gone up!!! And more are on the way! Sadly, I only got to the beach once, so that one day’s all you get. Also, sadly, PEOPLE HAVE NOT BEEN TAKING THIS POLL!!, so I have to keep ranting about it! I want some answers people! I know you want pictures to go with this post, but no, because they would distract from the poll taking. I’ll post a video for you though tomorrow that I got from the Caribbean Parade event on the 26th!

Blackstreetbbw’s Finally Running Low On Webspace

I knew things had to get to this eventually, but at the rate things were going at for My site over the years I thought it would at least take another year. The filesize of my videos has gotten larger since the classic days, but still.

Every time in the past that I went over to and checked my transfer and disc space, I always had most of it left, and then… I just checked it the other day, added a few files after that, and now I’m around 80%! Aughh!
It’s cool though. I’m not going to delete any files. Not even bad ones. I always had a plan for this upcoming day. I’d just buy another hosting spot and change the way my pages are linked a little so the new pages would load from the new spot. That just means my hosting costs are going to double. gives you a huge amount of space and stuff to work with, so I guess the only reason there are people that don’t use GoDaddy is that maybe they’re not the fastest host. I don’t think they’re the fastest, but they’re so awesome I have to keep with them.

Just Gotta get this Word Out Quick

Just gotta let you guys know, while this’s still current information, that blackstreetbbw’s going to the Caribbean Heritage Festival and parade tomorrow! I went to the parade last year, and it was awesome! I hope the weather cooperates and it’s even better this year! I’m bringing FOUR cameras to that!
If the news is good, you’ll hear it tomorrow, and see some footage here from there too probably! If not tomorrow, then just add some time for editing. I’m editing vids for the site too, and those should be up by tomorrow too!
Actually, since I’ll be out all day tomorrow, the parade preview should be up the day after tomorrow, and since the vids for my update are five minutes from done, those should go up on blackstreetbbw today! Hopefully. All the vids should be exciting!

The Other Day’s Update You Were Waiting for

Before I say anything you want to hear, I have to remind you guys again who haven’t done so already
I’ve still, to date, only gotten SEVEN people to take it. That is not scientific results getting there! I need this kind of information to ensure the site has a good future!

Anyways, I’d been planning for a few weeks to make a little post with pictures of files from the mini-update once I finished it, and tell you why it took so long. Well, here it is:
There’re two reasons why the mini-update I just did took so long. First of all I spent a bunch of time kind of under the weather. The second’s because I had a cluster of back-to-back files that were all going to require big time editing before I could post them. Editing that would take a long time to do, so since it was going to take a long time anyway, I also went back to two Pregnant Videos that I was supposed to post a long time ago and do them. One of them was one I wasn’t going to allow to sink into obscurity before I posted it, and the other was one from my older camera with sound, that already did. It was “Coming Soon” for over a year… Here are screencaps from both of those two time-eaters

I had a few more videos that I knew were “Coming Soon” for waaayy too long. But the two videos that leap to mind, posted immediately below, will have to wait a little longer because I don’t have time left for such extended work- just yet.

Those two are not going up yet. They’l wait until I get to the beach videos I’m about to get to
That brings up the next thing I was going to tell you about! I’m working my way quickly up to my one and only set of videos shot at the beach. You may have read on blackstreetbbw about some of my so called “Virginia Beach Trips, where I got caught up at Wal-Mart and the mall and never actually made it to the Virginia Beach. Well, this one time I actually did! It was my very last day in VA, so I can’t go there again unfortunately. At least the weather cooperated, ’cause that Saturday was my only chance. Some of those videos will be hard to edit, but you’ll all be okay with that. Before I get to those though, there’s a video I shot before that at the bus station that I have to work through. This video’s one of the most intensive editing jobs I’ve ever had to do, but it’ll be worth it! It’s the video for the woman in the center of this picture, the one in the black skirt:

You’ve been waiting for that one! Here it comes as the very next video! Wait for it…
The rest of the videos I added:

Cam Actually Held Out Long Enough Before Failing

I so wish my camera had a battery that lasted for three minutes longer. You have no idea how many future blackstreetbbw videos are going to be cut short because of severe battery life problems with my current camera (No videos from it are in the Member’s Area yet because I have to post the older videos from the camera I’m posting vids from now that I shot before still.) And what sucks is the battery life is just barely not long enough. There were so many videos where I only needed a few more seconds of battery to finish up. And what’s worse is that I’ll already be on my way out of the place and going home when that battery dies. And I would not just hang around longer if I had a longer living battery. When you do what I do, you learn about when it’s time to go and you get the hell out of there. Apparently, my cam battery doesn’t know. It’s off by about two minutes. It fails early. Grr.
Lately though, it’s been just barely making it! I’ve shot some videos where I’d look at the video I was working on when the battery died and I could look at it and almost celebrate! Finally!
I can only think of about one time before recently where I had a camera battery just make it to the best part before dying, but that was with the current camera.
One more thing:
Just because I stopped ranting about it for a few days doesn’t mean I don’t still need people to go take that poll! Go back and take it already! Please! Do it for me! Do it for blackstreetbbw!