Cam Actually Held Out Long Enough Before Failing

I so wish my camera had a battery that lasted for three minutes longer. You have no idea how many future blackstreetbbw videos are going to be cut short because of severe battery life problems with my current camera (No videos from it are in the Member’s Area yet because I have to post the older videos from the camera I’m posting vids from now that I shot before still.) And what sucks is the battery life is just barely not long enough. There were so many videos where I only needed a few more seconds of battery to finish up. And what’s worse is that I’ll already be on my way out of the place and going home when that battery dies. And I would not just hang around longer if I had a longer living battery. When you do what I do, you learn about when it’s time to go and you get the hell out of there. Apparently, my cam battery doesn’t know. It’s off by about two minutes. It fails early. Grr.
Lately though, it’s been just barely making it! I’ve shot some videos where I’d look at the video I was working on when the battery died and I could look at it and almost celebrate! Finally!
I can only think of about one time before recently where I had a camera battery just make it to the best part before dying, but that was with the current camera.
One more thing:
Just because I stopped ranting about it for a few days doesn’t mean I don’t still need people to go take that poll! Go back and take it already! Please! Do it for me! Do it for blackstreetbbw!

One thought on “Cam Actually Held Out Long Enough Before Failing

  1. hi very nice update!i have been voting for your website keep up the good work that you do!!

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