Just Gotta get this Word Out Quick

Just gotta let you guys know, while this’s still current information, that blackstreetbbw’s going to the Caribbean Heritage Festival and parade tomorrow! I went to the parade last year, and it was awesome! I hope the weather cooperates and it’s even better this year! I’m bringing FOUR cameras to that!
If the news is good, you’ll hear it tomorrow, and see some footage here from there too probably! If not tomorrow, then just add some time for editing. I’m editing vids for the site too, and those should be up by tomorrow too!
Actually, since I’ll be out all day tomorrow, the parade preview should be up the day after tomorrow, and since the vids for my update are five minutes from done, those should go up on blackstreetbbw today! Hopefully. All the vids should be exciting!

5 thoughts on “Just Gotta get this Word Out Quick

  1. hi good luck i hope you get alot of video done!!keep up the good work that you do!!

  2. Glad I was able to get a comment on this post, since it was a one-day-only kind of thing post really. Thnx

  3. (I’m not there now)
    It’s going great, but there are a lot more mean people here than last year… like people came here with a bad attitude and needed this even to fix it.

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