I’m Offering You A Reward for Taking My Poll!

As you can tell if you’ve been following this blog lately, I’m really sick of the fact that only 10 people have taken my poll. You might be aware of the fact that I’ve done some updating on blackstreetbbw for members and non-members alike the other day. You’re also aware that I was supposed to post some stuff from the Festival I went to, and I was supposed to do it several days ago. Well, I skipped that post to make this one instead.
If a lot of people take my poll that I now have below, I will give you a LONG free SAMPLE video of the best booty I saw at the Caribbean Festival, plus some pictures! If at least 5 people take it I will post a SHORT free SAMPLE of her vid, plus the pics. If less than 5 people take it, you only get the short vid and no pics. If nobody takes it, you get a story only.
I posted the poll so long ago so I could use the info for the update I’m about to add something big to, but I don’t have enough answers, and it’s time for me to get to work updating blackstreetbbw for real. I need these answers now! Take the Poll!
Poll question: What gets you to join blackstreetbbw?

3 thoughts on “I’m Offering You A Reward for Taking My Poll!

  1. Your site have been on for literally YEARS. Your preveiws are cool, but MAN once I joined and saw how shotty your camera work was! A person actually get dizzy and saometimes you have the shot RIGHTY there and you just go ALL over the place. I have done the same video type on the street back in the 90s with amatuer equipment. You need to update all these or at least most of the vids.Some of your best vids are duplicated when you thionk they are the actual and they aren’t what you think you are viewing. I thank you for you work, but COME on man your camera work is MUCH to be desired for a pay site. YOU need to check out broad broads.com or breast watchers.com. THATS good street camera work.

  2. I’ve seen those two sites before. I joined BroadBroads years ago, but the site only updates every 6 months!
    There are duplicate videos up right now because I messed up uploading the new videos and didn’t get it fixed yet, and that, I admit, is just shameful.
    As for a shaky camera though, it’s really had to make videos like this where the camera sits nice and still. Really hard, at least for me and with the equipment I have.I got a new camera that works a lot better, and the videos got a lot more still- and got better picture quality- once I changed to it. I’m about to start putting those up.
    But yeah, I know I’m not a pro, and that’s why I don’t charge something like $19.95 a month, even though people tell me to. I get mad at some of my own shots, but not mad enough to delete the whole video.
    Out of curiosity, did you view the videos full-screen?
    Sorry about the camera, and about how I haven’t cleaned up the newer videos yet.

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