The Ultimate Blackstreetbbw Woman!

disclaimer: Neither of these women is on blackstreetbbw yet. What’s the holdup? 2 things for starters. Massive projects I was working on that were keeping me super busy, and second, I post all videos in the order they were shot, so I have a lot of GOOD videos I have to go through and post before I get to these GREAT ones. Plus, I might have special plans for their vids. I just hope their downloads aren’t too slow…
This is it! After 65 months of searching, I have finally found the ultimate blackstreetbbw woman! And I’d thought this other woman might be my greatest find, but the thing was, she was just a pear! And kind of old. I halfway didn’t believe finding tits AND hips was possible… but I did it! She doesn’t have the biggest tits in the world, but with about 10 inches of cleavage, she’s still got a lot!
First up, here’s the woman that was ONLY a pearshape. She’s mature, but so’s that big, ripe booty with those giant thunder thighs- and she’s got a thin waist!:
No picture! Just use this link to download and set your FACE to amazed!
This is the woman I believe is probably the greatest woman in blackstreetbbw history! The woman with everything except a fat belly! drumroll…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Now, let me know what you think. Too much, or not enough? Was she as awesome a find for you as she was for me? I need to know if she was worthy of the long drumroll! …And wait…

12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Blackstreetbbw Woman!

  1. I tried to notify you that this was updated, but neither of you gave a working email, so… I hope you see it’s been updated!

  2. I REALLY wanna see more of the lady with the pink jacket around her waist. She is HUGE. Do u have any footage of her without the jacket around her waist. I just really want to see more of her she is da bomb

  3. I got A LOT of footage of the older woman with the pink jacket around her waist, but the only video I got of her without that she had even more clothes on. I have seen her 3 times. The second woman I got a good amount of, but only saw once, and I’d have to be pretty lucky to see HER again. I’ve gotten that lucky before though…

  4. Ok well if u want to or have the time, post just a little more footage of the older lady. She is literally stuck in my head!

  5. the older lady looks amazing but that lady with the jean jacket on is awesome i been seeing her around for a long time she got the smallest waist and biggest ass and hips i ever seen please more of her

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