Brave BBW Boobs

I watched Disney’s Brave a good while back, and I’m FINALLY getting around to this post! This isn’t what I’d normally post, but it’s related to my site!

I had to make a post about Brave because… that maid… Maudie, I think is her name? -Well, I was watching that movie, enjoying the pleasant surprise of her animation and saying
“You don’t see too many women like THAT in kids movies!
Look at that bosom animation!

And then it all culminated in this scene right here below.
Not the most mind-blowing thing on Earth, but I SO did not ever expect to see a scene quite like this in a Disney movie. Nope. Watch it.

Normally I would want to make vidcaps for something like this, but I thought it best to leave it alone and just share it with you.

Blackstreetbbw Got Back Online!

That’s right! 😀
I should have said this earlier, but BLACKSTREETBBW.COM IS BACK IN BUSINESS!!! Now I can finally get back to updating after the long process of server migration! Or… at least I THINK I can… Hopefully I won’t have any difficulty with the new files… We’ll see.

Anyways, I just needed to let whoever still views this blog know that the website is finally good to go again!


More Downtime

I just got off the phone with my Hosting provider just now.
There’s an issue with my site’s mandatory migration to a server that DOESN’T date back to before my site was created, because my site is such a large site. If the issue doesn’t get resolved really soon- as in today- I’m going to have to consider making a temporary version of the site at a different hosting address, if possible, to create a place for people to go in the meantime, but if that happens, that place is going to look and function pretty different and probably revolve around a select number of special clips while we wait for the site to get back online.

Blackstreetbbw is Switching Servers

If you’re viewing this page because blackstreetbbw appears to be down, I contacted my host and they said they’re switching me over to a different server to improve performance. I hope that the site WILL get a boost in performance, because it could use it. Faster upload, and, especially DOWNLOAD, speeds would be awesome. Also, because of the transition period, (started days ago before the actual downtime) I haven’t been uploading new files either. I’m really just eager for this whole thing to clear so I can get back to work. I sure need to.

My expenses are paid and my account isn’t in danger, but I have used up virtually all my webspace and was prepared to buy more- which I can’t do until the transition ends, but the lack of space is why I thought I might be in trouble.
I really hope this blows over soon before I lose every customer I have left.


I want to know if anyone else was watching the Redskins game on ESPN and noticed the BBW there? Anybody record that? Or at least see it? There was a big boobed white woman getting an autograph with 12:35 left in the 3rd quarter, and a pear shaped black woman in the stands with 7:17 left in the game.

I don’t think I’ll be able to find a rebroadcast of the preseason game, but if anyone knows where I should go to get ESPN’s broadcast of the Aug 19th game again, that would be cool.

And of course, I liked the game itself too! *nods*

New Booty: Prices Changing

First off, I want to let you guys all know that even though I’ve been really inactive lately, blackstreetbbw’s about to get really active. I got so inactive because things got so hard as far as my time. It’s harder to get this time to update the site, so I’m going to raise the prices a little to compensate as soon as I do the next update. That means that if you guys want to Join blackstreetbbw for as little as $2.95, you better do it this weekend!

Before I get to the update, I gotta get to this! This big booty video is sold separately from blackstreetbbw membership and costs $1.50 to buy a download of. CLICK HERE TO BUY HER FOUR MINUTE VIDEO FOR $1.50!! Here are some stills of what it contains:
PICT0009 (3)

PICT0009 (3)

PICT0009 (5)

PICT0009 (6)

PICT0009 (6)

PICT0009 (6)

PICT0009 (6)

PICT0009 (6)

PICT0009 (8)

PICT0011 (3)

PICT0009 (8)

PICT0010 (4)

PICT0011 (3)

PICT0011 (4)

PICT0011 (3)