Blackstreetbbw is Switching Servers

If you’re viewing this page because blackstreetbbw appears to be down, I contacted my host and they said they’re switching me over to a different server to improve performance. I hope that the site WILL get a boost in performance, because it could use it. Faster upload, and, especially DOWNLOAD, speeds would be awesome. Also, because of the transition period, (started days ago before the actual downtime) I haven’t been uploading new files either. I’m really just eager for this whole thing to clear so I can get back to work. I sure need to.

My expenses are paid and my account isn’t in danger, but I have used up virtually all my webspace and was prepared to buy more- which I can’t do until the transition ends, but the lack of space is why I thought I might be in trouble.
I really hope this blows over soon before I lose every customer I have left.

2 thoughts on “Blackstreetbbw is Switching Servers

  1. Hi, i just purchased a vid, the woman with the Black and white dress.. But i cant dload it on my phone.. And now i think it is not possible to dload on a desktop. I paid via Paypal a few minutes ago with another email. Can you help me out please?

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