Lucky Seven Seven Day Save

Well, it looks like I got what I wanted.
As I’d wished to prediction the other day, has hit it’s target and the domain has been renewed! 😀 Hooray! Now it’s just on to next months bills as usual, which are a whole lot easier to pay, and not site-dooming if they’re not paid.
Thanks to everybody who helped out, and thanks to everyone who will help out in the future, helping themselves to some candid BBW and helping this brother out a bit while they’re at it.

So this means the site gets to live to see it’s 10TH anniversary. I never even thought about seeing that day… so I have nothing planned… WISH I DID, but I spent year 9 so focused on bare survival.

Back when I started this website, there really weren’t many places to get BBW outside of porn. I didn’t have a problem with porn, but there was a largely unfilled niche out there, so I set out on a mission to fill it. Now, there are a lot of places to get BBW like that, and I think that’s a good thing, and think this blog will be a lot more interesting if I give a little attention to a few places like that. There still aren’t a lot of places to get candid BBW, though, so at the rate things are going at, I’ll be able to keep this site going ’till at least year 20 if the internet or something else doesn’t kill me first!

Eight Days Eight Dollars

Just another day in the countdown.

Don’t know if you guys have been following this, since there aren’t a lot of followers to this blog and it’s been inactive for a long while. And it shows.
Blackstreetbbw’s been inactive for a while as well, AND THAT ALSO shows, BUT I still need your help. Site’s still alive, and that domain renewal’s still coming up. If Blackstreetbbw can’t generate a couple sales in between now and then, it might actually disappear. It’s been online since 2006, and has been through a lot of troubles over those years to stay open and running. I don’t want the site to die on it’s tenth anniversary. That’d be sad. Most videos on there cost less than $2, so a dollar and some change is all it will take from you to go a long way in helping keep the site online, because it only needs a little bit of money, but I don’t have a good way to load funds into the account myself.

The countdown started at 10 and now it’s down to 8. I’m hoping lucky number seven can be a good post where I tell you guys tomorrow that I made goal.

Nine Lives Of Threat

Well, peeps. I still haven’t hit my target. Haven’t sold any vids yet.
Some new videos are going online on blackstreetbbw today, in hopes of making some sales, because, as I said in my last post, if I don’t make a couple of sales soon, I’m gonna be in huge trouble at the end of the month, so I figured I’d make this a little series until I either get to the end or finally get paid.
You only have to spend about a dollar to get a vid and help keep blackstreetbbw alive, so if you know the site and wanna help save it, go over there and buy a video.
In a few hours, you’ll be able to get one of these:

Help a brother out!

Ten Days Of Danger?

I’m not in danger yet, but I think I might need to start making some more posts.
Blackstreetbbw’s domain renewal date is coming up, and if I don’t start selling some videos soon, I think my domain might get parked, and that’s going to be a problem. I don’t have a bank account, so I can’t load funds myself. The only way to pay the bill now is by using proceeds from video sales, but no one’s visiting the site anymore. I only need a few dollars to do it. If anyone buys anything that should just about do it.
If you like candid camera BBW, support Blackstreetbbw! You can do it for a buck, and go a lot farther than you’d think to keeping the site going.

Here are pics from new videos I uploaded, and I’m putting up more tomorrow.

I know the site’s slid down from it’s glory days, but that’s not all my fault. Stuff happened. But I’m still here.


Hey there, folks. Yes I’m still alive.

I’ve been watching my traffic sources over the years, and I’ve noticed something. Even though my blog here often gets more traffic than my website does, I tend to get NO HITS on my website from this blog
Don’t be shy, folks. If you haven’t already, or haven’t recently, if you’re reading this and like candid camera BBW,
hit up my site, dudes!
EVERYONE who comes here can’t be looking for updates. 😉
I especially need the traffic now, because I need to have funds to pay for my domain renewal at the end of the month. You guys don’t want to become parked, do you?

Note of Not-Death

For those of you who might have forgotten, is not dead! It has just had to change forms. That seems like it will apply to this blog as well.
For now, though, I think you should see an example of a good titty clip you can buy on there right now, with the site in it’s current form:

To see other videos for sale, click the pic to go to the site!