Ten Days Of Danger?

I’m not in danger yet, but I think I might need to start making some more posts.
Blackstreetbbw’s domain renewal date is coming up, and if I don’t start selling some videos soon, I think my domain might get parked, and that’s going to be a problem. I don’t have a bank account, so I can’t load funds myself. The only way to pay the bill now is by using proceeds from video sales, but no one’s visiting the site anymore. I only need a few dollars to do it. If anyone buys anything that should just about do it.
If you like candid camera BBW, support Blackstreetbbw! You can do it for a buck, and go a lot farther than you’d think to keeping the site going.

Here are pics from new videos I uploaded, and I’m putting up more tomorrow.

I know the site’s slid down from it’s glory days, but that’s not all my fault. Stuff happened. But I’m still here.

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