Eight Days Eight Dollars

Just another day in the countdown.

Don’t know if you guys have been following this, since there aren’t a lot of followers to this blog and it’s been inactive for a long while. And it shows.
Blackstreetbbw’s been inactive for a while as well, AND THAT ALSO shows, BUT I still need your help. Site’s still alive, and that domain renewal’s still coming up. If Blackstreetbbw can’t generate a couple sales in between now and then, it might actually disappear. It’s been online since 2006, and has been through a lot of troubles over those years to stay open and running. I don’t want the site to die on it’s tenth anniversary. That’d be sad. Most videos on there cost less than $2, so a dollar and some change is all it will take from you to go a long way in helping keep the site online, because it only needs a little bit of money, but I don’t have a good way to load funds into the account myself.

The countdown started at 10 and now it’s down to 8. I’m hoping lucky number seven can be a good post where I tell you guys tomorrow that I made goal.

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