Lucky Seven Seven Day Save

Well, it looks like I got what I wanted.
As I’d wished to prediction the other day, has hit it’s target and the domain has been renewed! 😀 Hooray! Now it’s just on to next months bills as usual, which are a whole lot easier to pay, and not site-dooming if they’re not paid.
Thanks to everybody who helped out, and thanks to everyone who will help out in the future, helping themselves to some candid BBW and helping this brother out a bit while they’re at it.

So this means the site gets to live to see it’s 10TH anniversary. I never even thought about seeing that day… so I have nothing planned… WISH I DID, but I spent year 9 so focused on bare survival.

Back when I started this website, there really weren’t many places to get BBW outside of porn. I didn’t have a problem with porn, but there was a largely unfilled niche out there, so I set out on a mission to fill it. Now, there are a lot of places to get BBW like that, and I think that’s a good thing, and think this blog will be a lot more interesting if I give a little attention to a few places like that. There still aren’t a lot of places to get candid BBW, though, so at the rate things are going at, I’ll be able to keep this site going ’till at least year 20 if the internet or something else doesn’t kill me first!

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