Why Sometimes the Video’s not There

Speaking of missing stories…

It’s supposed to be video time, but instead, it’s rant time. This doesn’t explain why the videos I already have that are supposed to be up now aren’t up, but it does explain why so many other good things never came to be at all.

Damn I need more battery life for my camera(s). Most often, on a trip, the best thing that happens, the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the thing that pushes the day over the moon is the very last thing that happens, which is why I disproportionately lose some of my best moments.
Today I was out shopping and there was this big woman with big tits and a great big, massive ass.
Now, what had happened before this sighting was I was trying to carefully implement all the camera management practices I’ve learned over the past 10 years (I mean, when you’ve been doing this since 2006 you have no choice but to learn things from your experiences!) to make sure I’d be ready for any and all good things I could have seen today. Keep the camera running so I don’t miss moments, but don’t capture things that are too mediocre when the camera’s been running longer. Be a good judge of what’s mediocre. Aim the cam masterfully with the techs it took me forever to learn to do. Don’t waste battery or disk space. Capture all the good stuff, but don’t capture who’s not worth it, BUT DO capture SOME of those women, just in case they do something that makes up for their lacks of assets.

So anyway, I’m employing all of this, getting the very most out of my camera (I’ve never come home with so much memory used all on one batter with usage to spare!) and the woman I mentioned above appears. I get her on the first pass with minimal problems, then go back for more on another. This is where one bad call cost me everything. No, I didn’t get busted. That wasn’t it. It’s that I got greedy when I knew my battery was low and recorded 11 additional seconds of a mediocre woman I didn’t have time for just because I walked past her again. Now, considering I had to use energy to power the camera up for that and then power it back down, and it was probably eleven POINT SOMETHING seconds long, I would have had 15 more seconds to work with had I not done that.
What could I have done with 15 seconds?
Capture something I’ve never seen a BBW do in public in my entire life.
And what sucks is that I had 43 seconds of battery left, and the battery died just a few moments before she began doing this once-in-a-lifetime thing. Considering I checked my camera status right after she did it, so I know how much time passed… 15 seconds might have been just enough to capture all of it. At least enough to start it. When I noticed (the horror) that the video had stopped, I became so disappointed that I verbally said “Oh no!”. I probably sounded pretty sad, too. It was a damn shame. I was doing everything right, on a good day, but still couldn’t bring home this slab of bacon. And it’s never going to happen again. I could work this scene for TWENTY more years and it will never happen again. I don’t even feel like telling anyone what it is, now, because some people might think I’m making a mountain out of a molehill, and I don’t have the footage to back it up, anyway… so I just leave you hanging.

The worst part about this isn’t just that I lost the footage. It’s that THE WORLD LOST the footage, as it’s a thing no one will ever see but me.