About me and Blackstreetbbw

I’ve finally added to this page! (page was written in 2008 and not updated until 2017) Addition at the bottom, after the line

I’m very passionate about candid camera and bbw. So much so, that I had to create http://www.blackstreetbbw.com to satisfy my- and a lot of other people’s- need for legal candid videos of curvy bbws! What do I mean by ‘candid'[for the few who don’t know]? That ideally means pictures or videos of someone taken without thier knowledge or consent. I never do anything mean, and what the women don’t know certainly won’t hurt them!
I’m pretty crazy about the subject, so I keep a camera in my pocket at all times just in case
This blog is all about http://www.blackstreetbbw.com! It’s about the stuff that’s there, the stuff that’s going there, and the stuff that’s not quite suited to put there. Read all about my candid bbw filming adventures in this candid curvy bbw blog!

A lot has happened in the world since I typed that up there.
The blog, the website, and the internet itself have gone through webmaster ups and downs.
Back when I started, way back in ’06. There was very little candid BBW on the internet. There was a wide open niche for clothed curvy women. Nobody had a cell phone with a camera back then, and if they did, it’s camera was horrible. Back then, BroadBroads was my only competitor. These days, this stuff is everywhere.
I learned something in all this time, though.
And I have something original to contribute to this internet, still, to this day.

LOOK. I KNOW that now you can get stuff LIKE mine- or even better- from other places on the internet for free. But you can’t get WHAT I PRODUCE from anyone else. Only me. Someone might sneak steal a vid of mine from time to time, but I’M still the one producing them, and no one can do that but me.
If you like my style, and want to help usher the glory days of blackstreetbbw back in, support me. Videos are as cheap as a buck, and my overall video price will be going down as I post more. Not up. The money and motivation will help me make the site and blog better, and make the website self-sustaining.
I know you get now get this stuff or better for free, but if you like what I do and want more FROM ME, lend me your support, and I will appreciate it. And so will you. And so will everyone else who benefits down the road because of your valued patronage.

3 thoughts on “About me and Blackstreetbbw

  1. LOL! I know, my updates were far and in-between! To be honest. I had forgotten all about that early blog. Will try to keep more up to date! Thanks for the comment!

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