Why Sometimes the Video’s not There

Speaking of missing stories…

It’s supposed to be video time, but instead, it’s rant time. This doesn’t explain why the videos I already have that are supposed to be up now aren’t up, but it does explain why so many other good things never came to be at all.

Damn I need more battery life for my camera(s). Most often, on a trip, the best thing that happens, the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the thing that pushes the day over the moon is the very last thing that happens, which is why I disproportionately lose some of my best moments.
Today I was out shopping and there was this big woman with big tits and a great big, massive ass.
Now, what had happened before this sighting was I was trying to carefully implement all the camera management practices I’ve learned over the past 10 years (I mean, when you’ve been doing this since 2006 you have no choice but to learn things from your experiences!) to make sure I’d be ready for any and all good things I could have seen today. Keep the camera running so I don’t miss moments, but don’t capture things that are too mediocre when the camera’s been running longer. Be a good judge of what’s mediocre. Aim the cam masterfully with the techs it took me forever to learn to do. Don’t waste battery or disk space. Capture all the good stuff, but don’t capture who’s not worth it, BUT DO capture SOME of those women, just in case they do something that makes up for their lacks of assets.

So anyway, I’m employing all of this, getting the very most out of my camera (I’ve never come home with so much memory used all on one batter with usage to spare!) and the woman I mentioned above appears. I get her on the first pass with minimal problems, then go back for more on another. This is where one bad call cost me everything. No, I didn’t get busted. That wasn’t it. It’s that I got greedy when I knew my battery was low and recorded 11 additional seconds of a mediocre woman I didn’t have time for just because I walked past her again. Now, considering I had to use energy to power the camera up for that and then power it back down, and it was probably eleven POINT SOMETHING seconds long, I would have had 15 more seconds to work with had I not done that.
What could I have done with 15 seconds?
Capture something I’ve never seen a BBW do in public in my entire life.
And what sucks is that I had 43 seconds of battery left, and the battery died just a few moments before she began doing this once-in-a-lifetime thing. Considering I checked my camera status right after she did it, so I know how much time passed… 15 seconds might have been just enough to capture all of it. At least enough to start it. When I noticed (the horror) that the video had stopped, I became so disappointed that I verbally said “Oh no!”. I probably sounded pretty sad, too. It was a damn shame. I was doing everything right, on a good day, but still couldn’t bring home this slab of bacon. And it’s never going to happen again. I could work this scene for TWENTY more years and it will never happen again. I don’t even feel like telling anyone what it is, now, because some people might think I’m making a mountain out of a molehill, and I don’t have the footage to back it up, anyway… so I just leave you hanging.

The worst part about this isn’t just that I lost the footage. It’s that THE WORLD LOST the footage, as it’s a thing no one will ever see but me.


Power of a Missing Story?

I wonder if I should hate it when I have a video of a woman who isn’t super great but the audio is telling a great story, and then the video runs out so I don’t get the story. Are stories worthwhile, too? It seems like they are. The stories just might be the selling point for what I’ve got going, now that I think more about it.

But back on topic, the other day there was this fat woman talking to this black dude about the women he’d been at work boasting about fucking. They were all too skinny, and she said he needed a woman more like her. Her level of booty. “What do you get when you put bone on bone? You rub bone on bone, you get a fire!” so that’s why he needed a bigger woman, with his bony ass. Does audio like that make up for a lack of fat?

Sadly, there’s video stuff I’ve missed lately, too. Stuff you rarely see, like a thick-thighed woman with a cast on her foot trying to hustle out of the street, or a young girl with tits doing a random cartwheel. Stuff like that’s interesting, but you’ll probably never see it from me because I was being idiotic and thus failed to capture it when it was right there and I should have because the camera was set and present. Ready, too.

Ah, well. At least there’s some really interesting stuff that you don’t see every day that I DID get, like girls fighting, and a thick woman with big breasts playing with a basketball. I just need to get ALL THE STUFF[ that’s ripe for the taking].


Since I’d just interrupted a short series of posts I had been planning to do with a post about
The Thick BBW Forum’s Downtime (which I hope isn’t permanent!!) I thought this was a good time to make a quick post about what I haven’t gotten online.
I have told a few people- and also implied it to everyone, by, you know, being a webmaster and all- that I was going to add a new tits video and a few new big thighs ones, but I didn’t do that. Sorry folks, for that. BUT the reason new videos aren’t up by now is because I was looking at my reel and realizing I had way more footage I could use than I’d thought! Way more! So! The delay is actually a kinda good thing. I didn’t get the new vids up yet because there was a lot more action than I thought.

I’m going to start putting the videos I get done up like one at a time or so instead, to make it manageable, and now that I know what the deal really is keeping that reasonable promise got far more reasonable and I’m doing it.
Then I’ll get back to the other two posts I wanted to do before getting back to normal here.


I thought I’d insert a post into this silly stretch because I got something a little different in my email today. A post on this blog got Liked here. And it was one of the ones asking for help! Somebody cares lol. ;u;
Did you ever read the Renew or Die post? If you read that post, or saw this graph

Google panda 2012
Damn that Google Panda update

then you know that blackstreetbbw’s in minor trouble.
But this blog was made to help, and it can.

After seeing that odd like I went through my blog stats here, trying to see just how often posts here got Liked. I thought that there might not even BE Like stats from all the way back to ’08, where a younger and a-little-too-easily-excited me was starting this blog out, but apparently, there were wordpress Likes back then, and I just didn’t know because I didn’t get any. Well, at least there were Likes in 2010.
Now that homeboy +Liked that post, EXACTLY HALF of all of the blog of blackstreetbbw’s Likes were from 2011. Prior to that +Like, 7 out of 13 were. 14 Likes in 9 years. This blog isn’t well liked, eheh.
So props to isaiahsandersons for +Liking that post.
In a small way, isaiahsandersons made my day a little better. Kinda answered the call in his way there I think. I’d promote his lil’ blog with a link, but I don’t know if he’d want to link to blackstreetbbw, since his blog is about something different, so I just put his name here. If he reads this and wants the plug, he gets it.

Anyways, if YOU like any of my posts, and you want a plug for your wordpress blog on here because you used it for that, give me a like on a post of mine you like and I’ll link something to you. You know from that graph above that I can’t give you much traffic, but the more traffic I’m getting, the more I can give! Can I actually blow 2011 away and get a +Like a month in 2017?! :D Or more? I can use some more Followers on here, too. I think I have one Follower per Like, LOL. Of course, you got to EARN Followers to get them, so work now, I do.

I’m up for link trading, too.

Commercial MILFs Insert

Flora spread dinosaur commercial MILF pictures video post hehe

Haha have you ever noticed the MILFs and their prevalence in certain, specific roles in TV? XD
I mean, there seems to be a very specific kinda role where only bottom-heavy MILFs can be in it, and they’re much hippy-er than you’d see elsewhere in roles.

Take the new-ish 2016 Flora spread dinosaur TV ads I just saw.


Flora spread commercial dinosaur mom
What a big head!



Other such MILFs that come to mind include the big reared, long legged mom in the I’m a Monster animated short
or obviously that woman in Sausage Party (I still need to see that movie so I don’t know if she’s technically a MILF but DAMN XD . THAT MOVIE.)
But I guess it seems like everyone loves to make moms in smaller roles or smaller animated works with extreme waist to hip ratios.

Anyways, I’m sure you could find more like this and I guess something more BBW related was what you were looking for on this blog, but still I thought it’d be fun to post this, so I did. 😎