Candid Black BBW YouTube Clips: Free BBW & SSBBW Videos from Streets & Stores!

Just making this little free YouTube bbws post here to promote blackstreetbbw . I want to see what effect a vid post here of my YouTube video channel advertising the hot, thick, curvy and sexy bbws, ssbbws, and plumpers with big breasts, butts and thighs and curves to spare will have on my link traffic here, on my YouTube channel, and on black street bbw . Notice all the keywords? Now on to the list of free videos of black and white women on my hidden candid camera! Let’s get the secret out so everybody knows about blackstreetbbw!
The picture quality of my videos is better on my web site.

The Unofficial Candid Camera BBW Blog of the Internet!

Welcome to The Blog of Blackstreetbbw, the one and only candid curvy black bbw picture, video, and story blog of the internet!
Representing one of the only candid camera websites specializing in curvy bbws and ssbbws,!
(Click pics for larger versions!)

Visit Black Street BBW’s Candid BBW Clip Store: Prices Now Cut in Half!

My site,, pretty much needs to do a ‘fundraiser’ in order for me to help make the cash I need soon to stay out of trouble and on track for my upcoming trip to Washington, D.C., so I’m trying to boost the staggeringly low conversion rate of the Blackstreetbbw Clip Store. Now all clips are TWO for one! That means you can buy any TWO clips for just $1.50! Or FOUR Member’s Area clips for just $2.25! Six for $3.25! So if you just wanted a few clips, you can just buy whatever clips you wanted and save. Also members have a reason to visit too! I hate to keep dangling teaser videos in front of you and then not updating the member’s area yet, but I really do need to at least try this fundraising thing, so… any video you see on this blog that you know isn’t in the member’s area, and it was NOT shot using the ‘dangercam’ (the camera that current Member’s Area videos are NOT shot with!). You can order any two you want and see them now! Just use the Clip Store to put in an order, and put the names of the pictures for the videos you want in the info box. You’ll pay for them through PayPal like you did for your membership, and I will email you your videos withing 24 hrs. You can get the name of any pic by clicking on it to go to ShareAPic if it’s linked to there (as most of my pics are), and then just downloading it.
Once again, all videos are now TWO for one on the posted prices! I will be updating the Clip Store soon, but you should order now if you want future clips now!
There is two ‘dangercam’ video that you can have now(because they don’t need editing)- if, of course, you’re willing to pay $1.50 for them or pick whatever other video you want with one, and these are those two:

If you like thunder thighs, you will not be dissapointed, because the subjects are good, and the quality is too- 640×480!
And do you know who the first girl is? Remember that woman with the huge butt in the black spandex pants? Also in a Preview Vid here on this Page. Well, that’s her again! This is only a Thunder Thigh Video, admittedly, because her jacket hid her waist-to-hip ratio, but still!
I am getting a little tired of excessive teasing, so I’m working my butt off to bump up the next update and get it out on New Year’s Day. It might be late at night on that day, but ’09 will start off on a good foot with an update!

Candid BBW & SSBBW Post: A New Style of Blog Entry Title-ing

Hugey over at HugeHeavyBreasts gave me some advice on my blog titles to get more traffic: They’re not keyword optimized at all! I looked at them in my mind and said “You’re right!” So for now on… I think… I’ll be using keyword rich titles followed by ‘my classic style’ titles. Why am I telling you this? To see if I can get some more traffic to this blog, and ultimately to!

Blackstreetbbw’s On the Second Page of The BBW Registry!

Oh no! has fallen back onto the second page of The BBW Registry! The BBW Registry’s’s number one source of traffic… or at least it is when‘s on the top of it! I’ve fallen back on to the second page and traffic from there has really dropped off! Traffic as a whole has not dropped off. In fact, I’m getting record traffic- without the BBW Registry- so just think how I’d be doing with the registry on my side!

If you like, then you need to go there RIGHT NOW and CLICK on The BBWRegistry Link! If you don’t know what is about, now’s the time to find out- and find and click that link!
The’s doing well right now, and YOU can HELP make sure it stays that way!

Which Blackstreetbbw Preview Video is Your Favorite?

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve changed the Preview Video Set to some that seem to be converting a lot better (Then again, it could just be the Fall Special!)
  Anyways, go to the Preview Video Set Page and watch the videos, then come back here and vote for your favorite(s). The links even open in new windows so you won’t get lost!

Link Click Help

Help rise to the top of the toplists by making sure you click some of them from time to time if you like blackstreetbbw!
And don’t forget that CLICKING shareapic links like this one (except for this link you will need to click on one of the pics when you get there!), will help blackstreetbbw make money too, and you get to see cool pics while you do it!
Oh, and to make this blog funner, leave comments, or, even easier yet, look thru the recent entries before and after this and <strong>vote in the polls!</strong> If you’re in the U.S., vote in the election too!

Blackstreetbbw’s Fall Special!!

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I wanted to use a graphic for this, so I just googled ‘Fall Special’ and used the first graphic that came up LOL! XD
Blackstreetbbw needs some fresh members, so for the rest of the fall all new signups will be HALF OFF thier FIRST membership term!!

Now you can join Blackstreetbbw for

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See the savings on the site’s posted prices when you get to the JOIN Page!
If you weren’t sure whether you should JOIN Blackstreetbbw or not, now’s your big chance! Don’t wait for winter and be left out in the cold! JOIN Blackstreetbbw today!

Blackstreetbbw Will Soon Include Shareapic Hosted Galleries

That’s right. Thanks to seeing Jonas Join GuyInTheBack in using shareapic and then going from sporadic blogging to crazy blogging I’ve decided to go ahead and finally join them in this. I don’t expect much money, or expect to get ANYTHING soon, but I need to build some kind of future for, and with the new member slump I’m in right now, I’m not building it through the site right now. In the apartment where I live rent is paid twice a month, and with this month’s days as they are, this is one of those months with 5 rent fridays in it, so I get a 4 week break before rent’s due again so I can stash some cash and be okay.

So is starting with shareapic!

I want to make sure my pic galleries get approved by moderators first, so even though nothing I have to post violates shareapic’s clean content policy, well you know there’s still probably administrative discretion, so I took a tip Jonas got and passed on to me, and for now, this gallery is full (Not!), of pictures of my old fish that are all deceased now. There will be ‘fishier’ stuff going in to these galleries later, once they get approved, but you should still go over and look at these pictures because will get paid for each one you view in a day (multiple clicks of one in a day by you won’t help 😦 ). Please click on the shareapic links on this page. Doing so won’t help my dead fish’s little spirits rest in peace, but it will help my dead[at the moment] website build up a slightly brighter life. Ad!

It’s advertisement time!

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Blackstreetbbw contains mind blowing big breasts jiggling in low cut tops, big butts bouncing in spandex and thunder thighs rubbing together in jeans, plus lots of other big thick girls… and not so big thick plumper girls so if you like ’em big, thick and CURVY, go to now!

Can Anyone Post A Link for Me?

If anybody reading today’s blog entry knows a good place to post a link to , please let me know where! Or… even better, if anybody HAS a place where they can post one for me, like a blog, site, or forum or personal page or whatever where they could post a link but I might not be able to because I’m not registered or paying or don’t speak that language or whatever, then that would be even better! I need to get the word on blackstreetbbw out to more places to get new members. That’s the only way I’ll really be able to expand the site’s membership enough to be able to afford the new camera I want! …Unless somebody sends me a PayPal donation or at least uses joins if they haven’t or uses the Clip Store or Expensive Clip Store to go beyond thier membership rate if they have. If you want blackstreetbbw to get better, spend some money on it, or post a link to it, or click a link on it on it’s Links Page, or at least leave constructive criticism! I’m trying to grow the site, and I need to work but I also need your help to make blackstreetbbw the best candid bbw web site on the internet! …Wait a minute… it’s the ONLY candid bbw paysite on the internet…
Don’t forget it has a Pregnant Section that needs promoting too!

ALSO- REAL IMPORTANT: Please check out the next post ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey’ that’s online now and leave a comment. This blog is starved for comments, so please leave one!

Customer Satisfaction Survey satisfaction survey.

I really need responses to this post. I think I’ve done a lot of things right but also gotten a lot of things wrong with my candid bbw video website,, so I really need your feedback on things. If you are or were a member, what aspects of the site are you satisfied or not satisfied with? If you’re not a member and have never been, what would you like to see more or less of? If you’ve never been to Blackstreetbbw.combefore, click the link and go have a look, then leave feedback there or come back here and leave it.

I really try to get visitor feedback, but it’s hard to get an answer to a question from visitors when I have one, so please, tell me what you like and don’t like about blackstreetbbw, and be as specific as you feel like getting!