Need my Contact Info?

Go to my website‘s Contact Page to find it.

15 thoughts on “Need my Contact Info?

  1. Too much Talk in this webtrash and no pictures. Do me a favor SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE MOTHER FOCKER AND PUT SOME QUALITY PICTURES….

  2. Sorry you don’t like my blog and I almost respect your opinion, but if you looked through it enough to find my contact info you should’ve also been able to either find my website or the pictures at the bottom of the page!
    There were literlly HUNDREDS OF PICTURES linked to the bottom of the page.

  3. Hello, you take some fantastic pictures of bbws and ssbbws. I am curious what locale are these shot. The city would be all I require cause iI WOULD LOVE TO VISIT THAT CITY.

  4. You haven’t read any of the posts where I give my location yet? Well, no problem. That makes sense, since this blog is kind of texty, so things can be buried I guess. You could go to the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, but maybe you should go even further south, like the carolinas.

  5. What up brah! I came on here to see if you were talkin about Uniquely Made Diva joining Bighotbombshells! I thought maybe you would have had a few pics also. Holla back

  6. Actually, I didn’t know this until you just told me! Another thing is now on my growing to-do list!

  7. i think your comments are just -fine. this is a unique -energetically upbeat and informative-as well as entertaining.great energy is reflected -also- originality on this site. No please keep it up.very comprehensive-i really dig -how you explain -situations and the intricate close calls that -“candid photo” work inevitably entails. I,m a brother that really likes -those super big calved women! am joining ! and ordering. bless!

  8. Hello. I like this blog. I have bbw blog too. I have not found contact form so I ask here. I looking for link trade. I wanna get a link from this site to
    I place link on to your site.
    sorry for my bad English. I hope you understand that I mean.
    Awaiting your prompt reply.

  9. Hello. It is me again. We had link-trade in the past. Things changed. My site still have your link but is dead. So I want see a link from one of your great bbw blogs. I would prefer link from somthing like this You can use this anhkor ‘’

  10. whats up i down lowed two of yur videos and i can not find them any where on my comuter can u please help me thank u
    my name is joey mcfadden

  11. do u no where on my computer the videos would b i check every where and i cannot find them

  12. Hi how are you doing?i hope you are doing ok you havnt updated your website or blog since november 2017 please come back Thank you

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