Note of Not-Death

For those of you who might have forgotten, is not dead! It has just had to change forms. That seems like it will apply to this blog as well.
For now, though, I think you should see an example of a good titty clip you can buy on there right now, with the site in it’s current form:

To see other videos for sale, click the pic to go to the site!

Thick, Curvy Black Women from MySpace: Some of the Hottest BBWs in America!

If you’re looking for very specific pics, scroll down this page, or click this gallery link here for more! Then click a pic when you’re there to find even more! If you want to see women like these that I’ve personally found, click here.
Otherwise, if you just want to see some hand picked great, curvy big women of color from my MySpace searching, just enjoy this page’s galleries! I was thinking I’d end up making, like, four post pages like this, but I think one or two might do it. I know I’ll add some more MySpace pics to the page, so be sure to come back here and look!

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