Just to Let You Know What’s Up Like Before

Back before on this here blog, when it’d been a while between real posts and real updates on my corresponding website, www.blackstreetbbw.com, I’d go and make a simple little blog post letting everybody know I’m still alive and updating… so speaking of updating there’s still an ammount of updating of old things going on here on this blog, (Going all the way back to this entry.)and there’s updating of new things happening today in the blackstreetbbw.com Member’s Area!
And… since something good happened to me today that I wanted to post immediately after I freshly discovered it, and because there’s a lot of text at the top of my blog right now, I’ve decided to include a little pics gallery of just about all the vids that are going up later today for all the non-blackstreetbbw members to look at and see the women that have thier pictures going up in today’s member’s area update without thier knowledge!

And what’s the good news thing that happened to me today that made me want to include pics in this fresh posting? Blackstreetbbw got publicity! Somebody just made a forum post about it for me. I wondered if it’d be a good one or whether it would be an unrelated-to-adult-material place, but nope Blackgirls Online looks adult enough to me! I’d’ve provided a link, but it doesn’t look like the site is accepting new registrations, so I can’t get in, and you probably can’t either. And if you could, you’d already know about this! If you do know, leave me a comment!

The Bright Side to Inferior Service

This blackstreetbbw.com blog entry gets even sexier the further down you get!

“Every cloud has silver lining”

I am a firm believer in this statement. Just yesterday, I found out I didn’t have a pot to boil rice in because it had been taken by someone… but thanks to that I came up with the idea to try to make it in a skillet instead. Turned out much better. But… I still didn’t like it that much because I overseasoned it, but I was able to use that story to ensure the safe return of my pot, and I was able to barter away a lot of the rice to people who liked it more for better tasting stuff. AND I can use the lesson I learned from my culinary mistake to make better food in the future! And speaking of food, on to the post!

  I went to Taco Bell to get some food and I think somebody else got my order or something, but thanks to my extra long wait, and another mistake the resturant staff had made, I was there long enough to see this:

My only regret now was that she was only in here because there was a problem with her drive-thru order; she wasn’t there to order and wait in front of me- and perhaps eat her for in the resturant instead of taking it to go! I did just about everything right in the videotaping of her, so look forward to this almost perfect but a little brief blackstreetbbw big booty [ss?]bbw video someday in the future. (If you want it now you will have to go to blackstreetbbw.com’s Clip Store and pay for an order, but specify that you want this video using the comments space on the order form- of course you can order clips already in the store too! Order two or three at once and save!)

After I finished getting every angle of that woman, this woman
walked up to me and, having watched me and seen how I was still patiently waiting after all the other front line customers had been served, asked if I was waiting for food. This was significant not just because it was nice and made the video of her more interesting, but because I was shooting a video of her in the first place and had missed her last walking. The thickness vid clip I’d made of her thus far was all shots of the way her lil bit of fat kind of bulged out of her panties under her pants as she sat down by the window on her cell for her break, like titties bulge out of a too-small bra under a blouse. Gotta love the panty line phenomenon. The walk I missed was better than this one I got because it involved her moving those hips around and behind the counter to go back into the Taco Bell employee’s area for something. At first I’d thought it was because her break, and consequently, her video, had ended.

  Then guess what happened? Just when I thought the subject material for my thick Taco Bell resturant candid curvy big bottom bbw blog post had run out, and was wondering if there were enough to it to make a real post… I got some more! At a different Taco Bell… down the road… two (2) days later… I definately had to go through with making this blog post because I’d found the best part of it just when I thought it was over! Here’s what I saw:

Yes, that's her butt you see sticking out like that!
Yes, that's her butt you see sticking out like that!

And here’s why I saw it:
I’m sure you guys may be wondering why I count this as an inferior-service-at-Taco-Bell video when she has fries on her tray and is clearly eating at McDonald’s in her to-be-released video (As with the other video pictured above, if you want the video of the woman in these two pics to appear in blackstreetbbw.com’s Clip Store, you will have to buy it at the link by using the comment section of the order form to let me know that you want this particular video, which is not yet one that page, as well as whatever video clip you checked if you wanted to buy another vid from there that is actually on the page. YOU CAN BUY THIS VIDEO NOW FOR FOR JUST $1.50 AND GET VIDCAPS WITH YOUR PURCHASE TOO!!). You see, I’d just ordered a spicy chicken crunchwrap at the Taco Bell and was going to go to the restroom to wash my hands after the money handling, but I some guy had locked himself in the restroom. So… since I was going to eat in, I had to do something I’d done here at this single person bathroom Taco Bell before and go across the lot and grass to the McDonald’s and wash my hands in thier superior mensroom, which despite it’s superiority, features a hyperactive sink which probably has air leaking into the line or something, because it makes noise and is real jumpy, suddenly squirting and blasting out water like any man who’d seen a wide hipped bbw like the one I was about to see should be squirting and shooting cum. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would to get into the men’s room because I saw this woman walking up to the store in from far away, and I thought I had to videotape her. Got ready. Made the right descision! It took me so long to finally get back to that nearby Taco Bell I’d come over from that my Taco Bell spicy chicken crunchwrap had started to get less crunchy- and also less hot!- and I was glad I’d rode my bike over instead of leaving it at the Taco Bell so I could forget about it while the sexy, big, wide ass, mature white woman was being filmed and end up coming back to find it gone!
Seeing this woman squeeze those hips into one of those booth row -y seats before I left, and then slide those hips back out of it when I came back to Mickey D’s from Taco Bell after getting my order… those were sights to behold. You’ll get to behold them to, if you follow the instructions above. Or better yet, JOIN BLACKSTREETBBW and enjoy all the benefits of your new membership, while you download countless candid videos of women like this for as little as $3.50 while you wait for her video to drop in the Member’s Area!
Hmm. A lot of energy went into the making of my blog post today. No wonder it originally got delayed.

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