Another Thing I Missed: Gigantic Breasts Running

And I thought my Missed Shit Kick was over!
I had this a few weeks ago, but didn’t get around to posting it until now.
I was on my way back from shooting vids for blackstreetbbw saw this big breasted bbw walking the same way I was going, but on the other side of the street. She was walking pretty briskly, and was pretty big and busty.
Now, I think (extra big) + (extra busty) = [Tittybounce + (extra jiggle)] because the fat underneath the titties effects and improves the jigglebounce of the titties above. That, I believe, is why I could so easily see how much heaving they were doing from across the street, and how they were jiggling all over from all the way over.

Here is the video of the sighting

Why I missed her:
See, I misjudged where she was heading. From the speed of her walk and the way she was looking, I was thinking she was going straight forward the same way I was, to either go across the street to the bus stop in front of her, or she was trying to cross diagonally, and would cross to my side after crossing the street, but I was wrong. I was coming up on the light and saw my chance to cross the street, as the light had just changed, and I thought taking it would make the video better. Wrong! She made a surprise [to me ]move and crossed the street right after I crossed! I would’ve had to cross back!
If only I’d turned to look at her one more time for just a little longer before making my move into the street! She would have been running right at me! You have no idea how much jiggling and bouncing would have been seen! Most bbw and ssbbw models on the internet really don’t do any running, so unless you’ve seen a massively endowed ssbbw running at you in the flesh, you haven’t seen this. Aaannd… apparently, neither have I, really, because I moved out of place to see it best! Feeling sorry for my self, I made this sympathy vid, since I had the camera on anyway- ironically in preparation for the video that was supposed to be made watchable because I crossed the street.

What you actually missed:
Now, I could take some comfort in the fact that I have actually captured some very big titties running. Significantly bigger than hers, actually. But there were problems with those. For starters, although their owner was plump, she wasn’t really much of a bbw beyond that. She was all tits and nothing else, and kind of mature- which is better for the mature lovers, but not as good for everyone else. The woman I missed was much younger. Also, because the older woman I did catch was all big, mature tits, she didn’t have the belly underneath to really make them bounce and wobble like mad. Thirdly, the bigger titted woman was wearing a t-shirt. Read: “anti-cleavage-showing-clothing-device.
If you watch the video, you probably will understand why it counts as a miss, because you probably won’t see what’s good about her, so here’s a picture that clarifies what you’re missing.

You see that little woman there in the pink top? You see that big thing sticking out in front of her that looks like a boob? It IS a boob!!

Blackstreetbbw’s New Candid Camera Previews Set!

I you got here from Google, whatever you’re looking for is probably in one of these YouTube videos!

Will ’09’s Goals Be Met?

Will meet it’s goals for ’09? Starting to look somewhat iffy now, especially with how it’s been so far. I missed the inauguration. My updates have been buried in delays. I’ve also gotten ZERO responses to the joining survey! Some feedback there would have been nice. In fact, some feedback anywhere would have been nice. I’ve tried to make leaving comments as easy as WordPress will let me, and you can still go to’s Contact Page and leave a comment if there’s something here that’s making it too hard to do and you want to tell me, or you just want to send a note just for my eyes. I know these posts have a lot of tags over the commenting link, but still, you guys have been to blogs before, so you know it’s down there! I need those tags to get Google and WordPress’s attention for traffic, but I’ll be bringing a comment link up higher on my posts now that I know how to do that with links.

Missed the Inauguration, and the Associated BBW Candid Camera Filming Opportunities

The fact that I am able to write this here now means that so fat I am not going to be able to accomplish all of my goals for my website, good ‘ol because I am not in D.C. right now:( .
I was not able to get my money together in time to make the trip. I can only wonder now what kind of candid bbw videos I could have made while I was there, and I got to not be there when history was made. Wasn’t even able to catch it on tv. Isn’t that sad?

Oh well. There were other things I had planned for this year, and some I didn’t, and even though I’m behind schedule and haven’t updated this blog enough, at least I still have plenty of time to accomplish the other stuff on the list, including out of town trips.

One good thing that’ll be happening on blackstreetbbw soon: really cool stuff coming for the Bonus Section! Yeah!

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