DreamShape Pear BBW Walking!

Heavy Dream Pear BBW Walking up the street here in this candid-from-a-car.
This Haraldo Nunes brother deserves his props, and probably wants more views on his video, judging from it’s description. So he’s getting his publicity. I’m trying to make this blog more interesting FOR YOU, because if this blog is boring, you won’t come to it, OR THROUGH IT to blackstreetbbw.com, and I know when I get to a candid booty blog or something like that, this is what I’D want to see!

Amazing Dream BBW WITH VIDEO
Look at this happy brotha

So check it. This Haroldo’s best vid right here:

Get yo ass over there and LIKE that shit! XD

I don’t want the blog of blackstreetbbw to be TOO focused on reposting without adding anything, so I took the liberty and did the work to pull out some stills for you.
You can download them all HERE, as a zip archive. Didn’t include an excessive number of frames because I didn’t want to zip his whole video.

And, of course, YouTube’s suggested videos for this video are necessary viewing as well. Or, at least, they should be for you.

Jiggling Breast Free Video Success: My YouTube Video Got A Comment On It’s Very First View!

Wow! This Blackstreetbbw.com Preview Video got a comment after just two views! Cool! I think it might’ve gotten a comment from it’s very first one, but it probably came from the second viewer.

Still, isn’t that cool?
Why not take some pics of her too? Make sure you SCROLL THROUGH these galleries, because as you keep clicking next or previeous Blackstreetbbw.com keeps getting paid- and you keep getting a new pic to view! Click a pic below to get started!

Candid Black BBW YouTube Clips: Free BBW & SSBBW Videos from Streets & Stores!

Just making this little free YouTube bbws post here to promote blackstreetbbw . I want to see what effect a vid post here of my YouTube video channel advertising the hot, thick, curvy and sexy bbws, ssbbws, and plumpers with big breasts, butts and thighs and curves to spare will have on my link traffic here, on my YouTube channel, and on black street bbw . Notice all the keywords? Now on to the list of free videos of black and white women on my hidden candid camera! Let’s get the secret out so everybody knows about blackstreetbbw!
The picture quality of my videos is better on my web site.

Just a Quick Rant Before I Get On to the Post You Were Waiting for Today

Have you been to http://www.blackstreetbbw.com yet?

  How come you haven’t joined yet? I’m starting today off pretty depressed with how the site’s doing, because no new members are signing up, and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, so I’m making this post to ask and maybe find out. Blackstreetbbw has experienced record high traffic over the past few weeks, but all that has translated to almost zero new members! Traffic is at an all time high, but new signups are at an all time low! I have not had sign up stats this bad since July ’06 when I first started! What am I doing wrong? Now I’m starting to experience money problems, and blackstreetbbw’s not helping at all because people are leaving much faster than they’re signing up.

 I put all this work into all those previews and most people aren’t even watching them, and I’ve worked so hard on this site it’s makes no sense and I’m getting paid nothing at all, even though joining costs as little as $3.50! I’m not even getting that! Does anybody know why nobody’s joining hardly? If any of you reading this were considering joining blackstreetbbw, if you join now you’ll be ending a new member signup losing streak.

  I’ll post the entry you actually wanted to read late tonight, so I’d appreciate some comments- or new members!- between now and then.