My Days On YouTube are Numbered Again: Two Strikes & I’m Out

Here’s a popular new video

 If you like[d]’s YouTube Channel , then you better not procrastinate in going over there, because at this rate, pretty soon it’s gonna be gone for good, along with all of it’s hot, YouTube only free preview thick bbw women vids! Did you ever read this post? It and it’s preceeding post, (Not the post right before it. There’s a link to the ‘preceding post I’m referring to.) were about YouTube deleting yet another good sexy women channel- mine! Somebody flagged one of my videos, the YouTube staffer rejected it from the site. When that happens, of course you get a nasty account warning, and those nasty little things stay on your YouTube record for six months! I never did believe Blackstreetbbw’s YouTube Channel could actually go six months without getting another violation- well, not really, but kinda at first- so I started giving up on things with it then. Kind of reminds me of a job I got fired from once. I got a PIN for something I did in the office that would stick on my record for 3 months, and, well, I knew my own performance even better than my boss did, so I was like, there’s no way I’m gonna make it 3 months without getting one of those violations again, so I better start looking for another job.

I don’t plan on making another YouTube channel after this, but if I do, it’ll be pretty different.

What Happened to The Pics?

By now you’re probably wondering where all of the blackstreetbbw pic have gone. Ranting time.

I used a ‘trick’ to get my galleries approved by ShareAPic, and contrary to what I was told, which appears to have worked for others who’ve been using ShareAPic for a while and getting paid, they came back and checked my account again! ShareAPic recently did some changes to how they make payouts, and when it was time for mine to go out, they did one last minute check on the day my payment was due before they paid me, saw something they didn’t like (probably the content of this post. I knew it was a bad idea to make that when my payout was about to come out!), and instead of paying me, they deleted my account! Grrr. Then again, maybe it was what happened here that caused my problems. I had a bad feeling about that when it happened. Free money looked too good to be true, and maybe my account got banned over that, even though I didn’t do a thing in the world to generate those bogus dollars. They just happened, through no fault of my own.
 Well, anyway, I’ve switched over to imagefap, which pays a lot less and won’t pay you via PayPal like ShareAPic would. The pics will start going back up via them very soon. Even if I don’t ever get paid, I still want to give ‘pay-you’ paid image hosting another try because it was fun, and didn’t cost me a cent. I’m doing it again. The not-fun part is that, since I didn’t think my account’d be deleted, I (I just realized how tricky it is to type an itallic ‘I’ in HTML! ‘<i>I</i>’ is a keyboarding equivilent of a tounge-twister!) deleted the backup pics for all the images I didn’t really want on my hard drive! …So now I have to go back and make a bunch of pics again… The silver lining on that cloud though is that I’ve learned some things about screencapping YouTube videos- and hunted down some more software- so the screencaps I made should look better this time around!

Black Street Bbw is Thrown Off/Out of Another Place! (On the ‘Net This Time!)

It looks like something I’ve been doing with my site,, has bothered a bbw pixie. Remember this post about blackstreetbbw’s brief moment at the top? Well, it turns out that the length of my stay at the top of the chart wasn’t the only thing that turned out to be so much briefer than I wanted it to be. Blackstreetbbw has been completely thrown off the bigbuttbbws uk toplist! And that was my biggest sender of link traffic too! Dang!
 What did I do? I didn’t even have the link on this blog anymore. That’s what I did with my BBW Registry link too, since they were my biggest source of traffic at the time I made my links page and I didn’t want to risk raising an issue with them if they had some sort of problem with linking to thier list from two places. I was worried they’d call that cheating, but I really felt the chance slight, and went on to put the rest of the links on there, and you guys can keep clicking them for me. The Big Butt BBWs UK big booty link was taken down long before I got removed/banned from there list, but it was left in that post. Still, I wonder a little why blackstreetbbw was removed and what could be done about it, so I emailed the webmaster of the list. The only reason I had thier email was because they’d sent me an email since I was on thier old list letting them know it was changing to it’s current form that I was on. Trying to find thier contact info through my address book looked hopeless, but I put in that search of emails for the word ‘toplist’ and found the old email. The email didn’t get returned to me, so I know the address is real, but let’s see if I actually get a response. I hate how when your content gets deleted from the internet by someone they never tell you what the problem was, and if they give you an reason at all, it doesn’t count because it’s something like “TOS violation”.

I’d Thought This Blog Was A Goner!

Why? Remember This entry on concern over my blog content, and how I’d been in trouble? I’d thought things might be going like they did from here to here with YouTube, and that the official blog of would be gone forever.
I thought back then that I should ‘back up’ my blog entries so i’d still have all the characters I’d typed just in case, and was about to kick myself for not doing it and go around emailing everyone who’d linked here to remove thier links and focus on, but I had to go, and figured I’d have a real answer when I got back. Before I left the house though, I’d checked my site’s stats and found NO traffic at from this blog and got real worried. When I got back home I’d gotten a positive reply from Mark in support asking what was wrong, and the blog was up. Turns out it was just some downtime of this blog when WordPress 2.7 rolled over. I’d wanted to blame it on that at first, but I have a crap blog also and that one worked just fine then…
Oh, and the Fall Special’s last day is today!

YouTube Finally Did it After All This Time

You may have already read this entry, and if you have, then you already knew that YouTube finally set it’s sights on the deletion of‘s channel. Well, it’s finally happened, approximately 3 days ago and surprisingly, blackstreetbbw‘s still got traffic coming it’s way. In a way it’s a relief, since I still have traffic, and because my old YouTube channel name was a name that my mother could theoretically have found, so I’m glad it’s gone for that reason. Now I don’t have to worry about mom finding out what I’m doing! I want to still be able to watch real YouTube videos, so I’ve started up another channel, but it won’t have anything to do with any of my ‘work’, so there’s no reason you should care about it. I think that since they appear to me to have done some kind of big widescreen update, they went through all the channels that were in trouble while they were at it and deleted them. At least I finally’d managed to just cross the 200000 channel views mark before it happened. Sorry to all those people who subscribed to my candid bbw channel and favorited my vids.

I still have my little DailyMotion Channel, but the Youtube one was so much better. Instead of checking out the DailyMotion channel, why don’t you just check out blackstreetbbw’s Preview Page?

YouTube’s Finally Closing In On Deleting Me

YouTube’s finally gonna delete me? It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m planning on it.
 I’d looked and listened around on the ‘net and found out about some people’s adult YouTube posting experiences, and I’d started to think about all of that, and I was like “Why have all these people had thier accounts completely deleted, but mine’s fine, when mine is worse than theirs?”
  Well, about five or six weeks ago they removed Part Seven of the ‘Super Preview’ and gave me a warning that if they had to delete another video of mine in the next six months for violating their community guideline my account would be deleted. Today somebody reviewed part five of the Super Preview after someone likely got mad at it and reported it, and found it to be in violation of YouTube’s community guidelines too, but instead of getting my account suspended, I just was warned that I’d lose my posting privledges until two weeks after I acknowledged that message. I clicked ‘acknowledge’.

 I probably will never be using my YouTube account again because it’s only a matter of time before another one of my video gets flagged and I’m gone for good from there like everybody else who tries to promote adult material via YouTube eventually gets it, and because I think that YouTube account has served it’s purpose. Looking back at those old classic videos that still only have a few thousand views made me think about and remember why I made the account in the first place. I remember holding back on posting preview videos until I was sure I was ready, expecting a surge in traffic and bracing myself for a somewhat remote possibility of trouble. Would somebody find via there and then one thing would lead to another and I’d end up in my local news? I remembered when I’d thought about that again and decided to go through my account and kill two bird with one stone by deleting low star, duplicatish, or unneccesary videos so at least there’d be less videos of mine on there, and therefore a slightly, slightly lower chance of my being caught, and I’d be taking down vids with poor stars and views and reviews that might’ve been making blackstreetbbw look bad and causing people who wanted to checkout more of my videos before checking out my website to have second thoughts. I didn’t delete more than a small few, and I remember when I went back and moved the links in the descriptions- once I realized that Vimeo (who deleted me a LONG time ago- twice- and REALLY wasn’t worth posting one) wasn’t the only video sharing site that converted HTML in thier video descriptions into clickable links- to the front so people would not have to press for ‘more’ before they’d see the link in the description. I think I’d had a few videos that I hadn’t thought were the best but were up on there anyway and I’d pushed the link back on purpose and that’s why it was back there, but no more.
I remember all these positive and negative comments, most of which you can see if you sign in on my YouTube Chanel (If it’s still in existence by the time you read this). One thing I don’t remember though, is my YouTube password! I just bookmarked my Account Page back in ’07, changed emails, and never looked back until I realized I’d forgotten my login info!

  I don’t know why (but maybe you do!) but the 7 part Super Preview was nowhere near as successful at raising blackstreetbbw membership as the 4 part Mega Preview before it was. That’s why I’ve changed my preview page to put the Super Preview on the second page. Making that preview monster was a lot of work, maybe it took too long to download even with my making the first part short and sweet, and it just didn’t convert. Parts 5 & 7 were banned from YouTube, and part six was banned from DailyMotion! DailyMotion! Compared to YouTube, you have to be cop killer cannibal bad to get your videos removed from dailymotion, but not only did that part get deleted from there a long time back on my old account, but my whole DailyMotion account got suspended! Then when I tried to make another account, I couldn’t! Then customer service wouldn’t help me either! It took a lot for me to finally get back on there. It took days. That seven part Super Preview was nothing but trouble. Just a few minutes though, I did look at my web stats and see that for once, for the first time I actually was paying attention and noticed, somebody actually went to Blackstreetbbw Preview 2 Page and stayed there long enought to watch the entire Super Preview, then continued browsing before leaving blackstreetbbw shortly.
  YouTube never became my number one source of hits or anything like that, but a lot of people first found preview videos, so with two other recent losses, AND the potential future loss of this blog, and thus my ability to be found via Google, I wonder where my future hits will come from. I don’t really want to do any more link exchanges, so I guess maybe I’ll get lucky with new toplists. On toplists, The Big Fat Booty Toplist just vanished into thin air friday morning, and all my traffic from it with it. I’d waited over five months to get listed there back in ’07- longer than I’ve ever waited to get featured without giving up on it, and that listing instantly became my number one source of hits at the time, so when you combine that with the dissapearance of a small toplist that I was about to reach the top area of, and it makes sense that I’m down about 100 visitors a day right now- a lot for a site that was only getting 600 a day as an all time high. It’s kind of like when the most appropriate for blackstreetbbw feeling toplist ‘CurvyClicks’ went offline, except that one was my ‘Link of the Update’ and everything at the time it went defunct. I was close to the top of that one most of the time too, but then some heavy hitters started getting on it and knocking me out of the top. I’d asked people to help me find errors on the website, because I knew there had to be a lot of them with me doing all my HTML by hand, and there were, and one of those people helped me by letting me know curvyclicks went under and I took thier link down.
If anybody can help blackstreetbbw get more hits, as always, that will be appreciated. Feel free.
Oh yeah, and click on the picture links on this blog! That’ll help blackstreetbbw get paid! I’d put a main gallery link here, but WordPress won’t like that if I do that. I’d like it if you looked at more posts to find them though!

With The Fall Special and Customer Satisfaction Survey stuck above this, and other ‘textier’ posts below, I was wondering how new readers might respond to the site of so much text at the top of a blog like this. Would my paid click pics get clicked less? I haven’t been getting quite as many clicks lately. I thought it might take ’till infinity for me to find out the answer, since folks seldom leave comments, you know, but nope, I found out in super short order when, within hours, one of said readers left me a super negative comment. You can read it here. I’d had half a mind to just blog a fresh rant about that one, but I decided it’d be better to just mention it here and make another REAL blog entry once I get finished cleaning unfinished things up here.

Let’s See if I Can Get Things Going Now.

For a minute there it looked like the blog was going to die or something, because I got a special account message from WordPress saying they had “a concern with some of the content of” my blog. …But! It’s not what you think! What it actually was was that it looked like the fact that I have a clips4sale link and a shareapic link in my sidebar made it look like I might be trying to violate thier terms of service with ‘affiliate marketing’ type links! They said that “Ideally, they should come down.”! Okay, down they go then, but I’m not changing my blog!

  Okay, maybe I AM changing my blog, but in a good way! I’m going to go back through all of my unfinished interesting entries and finish them! So look through here real soom, once I get sure that everything will be okay and get back on posting and go through all the older entries until you get past the super long one on Virginia Beach and you should see new stuff! Make sure you take the polls you see too! They make ths blog more fun, and are SO easy to participate in!
Here are the main polls again so you can take them here too:
Favorite Model:

Favorite Preview Video:

If a woman I was thinking about taping says something aloud that could enhance the erotic value of my videos is that a sign I should’ve taped her(Whether I wasdoing it or not)?

Cockroach Poll (lol)

  When I first tried to take the offending links down, it turns out I couldn’t because my account only LOOKED like it had been reenabled, but after sending out two different sets of cries for help, somebody from WordPress deleted my SIDEBAR shareapic link and reenabled my posting here. Good. I just had to delete the Clips4Sale link myself and it was done.