Anyone Record the Wizards Celtics game? There were Giant Juggs!

Did anyone record the comcast broadcast of the Wizards Celtics game from last night? I tried to, but I forgot the time the big tits appeared and failed. Of course, the stupid Wizards failed too, but they suck so that’s not the point of the game anymore. The point of the game is that I’m trying to find the Comcast broadcast of it before it disappears off the face of the Earth, because immediately after halftime, just as the players were opening the third quarter they showed a shot from the crowd with a woman with the biggest beasts I’ve seen on a program that wasn’t about breasts returning to her seat for the second half. She was in the lower right part of the screen.
The blog of blackstreetbbw NEEDs stuff like that! Now, I did catch one piece of really good bbw stuff from off TV that came off the news that I will be sharing, and I know that any rebroadcasts or accounts of the game without the express consent of the NBA is prohibited, but I wanted to show that kind of stuff here as much as possible! And I failed. Just like the stupid Wizards.

Thick, Curvy Black Women from MySpace: Some of the Hottest BBWs in America!

If you’re looking for very specific pics, scroll down this page, or click this gallery link here for more! Then click a pic when you’re there to find even more! If you want to see women like these that I’ve personally found, click here.
Otherwise, if you just want to see some hand picked great, curvy big women of color from my MySpace searching, just enjoy this page’s galleries! I was thinking I’d end up making, like, four post pages like this, but I think one or two might do it. I know I’ll add some more MySpace pics to the page, so be sure to come back here and look!

Man, I Gotta Update and Post Another Webfind

Okay everybody! First off, there’s been a complete change of plans with the candid bbw website site update.
I’m sure you noticed that I absolutely FAILED to live up to the updating promise I’d made, so now I’m doing it different. I’ve finally found some real good free time, and I’m almost literally throwing the videos onto the site as soon as they’re finished. There’s new bbw candid video stuff in the blackstreetbbw member’s area! I also added pics to the post before last so you now have something to look at.
Okay, now on to the webfind! I know many of you guys have already seen this girl, but for thos of you that haven’t, or that haven’t seen these two pics, or haven’t downloaded them yet, check these out from GuyInTheBack!

My 1st Webfind Category Post

Holy Hell!!!

Okay, that’s it for today. Now go to Blackstreetbbw where you will NOT find this woman or jpegs of this quality, but you will find other hot women like this! …Or go to BABs to find more of these party’s pics. …Or click here to find more pics of thunder.