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Sign of the Site’s Super Slow Improvement

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$‘s not doing all that well really, per se, but a brand new single day rounded-to-the-nearest-quarter net profit record has been set!


Okay, that’s not the profit money rounded off to the nearest quarter, but it sounds and looks better with the ‘5’ in the ones cents digit!
So between the new blackstreetbbw members, the rebills (members membership payments recurring) and video clip orders by email that were made, backstreetbbw made about $55.55!
That doesn’t all mean that blackstreetbbw‘s doing so well as the [un?]official candid camera bbw web site (with accompanying blog!) of the internet that it doesn’t need you, your money, your comments, your emails, or your anything anymore! Blackstreetbbw and the black street bbws still need your love! And you can still help my site out by clicking the links on my Links Page– especially if you use the LargeFriends link to go to to set up a free bbw dating profile! That’s the free way to get blackstreetbbw paid! 😉


Please Leave a Comment for the Previous Post!

Maybe I’m being a little impatient, but I was really hoping to see some comments on the last post by now. If you read any of it at all, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT! I told everybody everything I was planning because I will have a very hard time improving without feedback! I’m trying to make the site better, but doing that will be a struggle if people won’t tell me what they want or what they think about the ideas I put up. Please leave comments on here or on the website!

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