A First And Another

Can use a little help.
I know the best way to GET help is to EARN it, so I’m about to change the site to make it more user-friendly, and I’m ALSO making THIS BLOG more useful for the user, too!
But if anyone reads this and still likes poor blackstreetbbw after all these years, what blackstreetbbw needs a lot from people is some publicity. People tell other people about sites they like, right? I KNOW blackstreetbbw isn’t QUITE the kind of site that everyone can tell everyone about, but if you have a spot on the internet you got where you can safely tell people about blackstreetbbw, please do it! You’ll be helping blackstreetbbw.com out WAY more than you might think.
Right now blackstreetbbw.com gets 30 visitors on a good day, so even if you only send a few hits a week that’s going to feel like a lot.

Another thing that will help is if you know a place that I don’t that I could use to get more traffic. That’d help a lot, too, especially as I improve the site to make it more worthy! AND, OF COURSE, you COULD also buy something from blackstreetbbw.com. THAT IS the ultimate conversion goal for the website, after all.

One day I’ll make another post of this nature, because I want to keep reminding people to do this if they want the site to return to it’s former glory, but before then, I need to start working toward that glory as best I can, here, and there. Help a brother out if you can.

Blog Action Day ’08!


I went to Statcounter.com to view my stats for my adult-ish website and saw that Statcounter said Blog Action Day was coming up on Oct 15th and that everybody with a blog should join in to add make a global discussion on a global issue. Last year’s issue was an environmental one, so, had I had a blog, I probably wouldn’t’ve participated, especially knowing myself last year as opposed to this one, but since this year’s issue is global poverty, I figure that has enough to do with bbw for me to take the time out, like they were asking, from my ‘normal’ blogging activities to write a post about it.


The ‘pervy’ type of person who would normally visit my blog (no insults to anyone at all! Just stating the truth! You have to be a little perverted to do what I do, and you have to be a little perverted to enjoy it too!) might be saying wtf. But really… I’ve heard it said that the poorest people in the U.S.A. (not the absolute poorest though) tend to also be the fattest, which is very different from the developing world where they tend to be skinniest, and also ties this blog enough to poverty for me to do this. Well, that, and that I’m actually a very nice guy and citizen when I’m not ‘working’ 🙂 .

  So I’m going to add to the discussion by asking my U.S. and U.S. relating readers this. Do you think we Americans really even understand poverty? I mean for real. Look, we live in a country where there’s so much in the way of resources that poor people can not only be fat, but be among the fattest of the population! Even a homeless person with nothing can find enough food IN THE TRASH to feed themselves, that’s how much food we can throw awaw. I’m not really trying to point any fingers, just get people thinking and asking. We do work here to fight poverty in out country (and other people’s, but that would take another global poverty post altogether, one I’m not oging to make.)… but do we even know what we’re fighting?

  People of all groups and income levels here gripe about the things that are bad in our lives and the thing we want that we don’t have. I do that to, but I can hold my head up and smile in hard times becauseI know how to do something many people seemingly do not (except on Thanksgiving): I know how to spend some of that thinking time thinking about the bad things I DON’T have and the bad things I DON’T want that I don’t have. Still, some pretty aweful violent destructive bad stuff goes down in the worst neighborhoods of the U.S. Real bad stuff goes down. That stacks up against anything that’s going wrong in the rest of the world… or does it? I think it does, but I want to get the ball rolling and get people to think about American poverty and the slums and other ‘hoods of the U.S. and think about global poverty and the worst war-torn neighborhoods and hungriest villages and think about how those stack up next to each other for real so we can get a better understanding of what poverty really is and how bad life really can get. Think about the bad numbers you hear on the news for the U.S., and then how much higher numers like death tolls seem to get in the develpoing world. Think of the kinds of thing poor people in the third world experience and even die from that would be crazy if they happened in the United States.
If you’re one of the [too]many people who have lost someone you know to the mean streets of the U.S. you probably think you have it tough- because you do. But even you can still think about this, because even if the rest of the world’s poor have it better, do they really have it that much better than you?

Well, that’s a lot deeper than I usually go with you guys. That’s my Blog Action Day ’08 Challenge. Poverty is a tough problem to actually solve, so all I want peeps to do is think about it. I will probably participate in next year’s issue too. See you tommorrow for business as usual!