Blackstreetbbw’s Plans for ’09

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Somebody had asked this before in the form of a Google search, so I’d meant to post this then, but it looks like now’s the time to tell everyone my plans for ’09. I think this stuff will all happen because I pretty much met all my goals for ’08. (The stuff at the end of that entry was just stuff I was to be planning, not actually doing!)
  These are my plans for ’09, and I’m serious about actually carrying all these things all the way out. I’m planning on shooting longer videos in 2009, but I’m going to focus here on the big stuff. I’ll start the big stuff with the first thing coming, which is also the one that’s most likely to fail.
I want to go to D.C. for Obama’s Inauguration. I know people up there, so I don’t need a hotel room. I do however, need to bring my camera everywhere there just like I do here, just in case I see a bbw. If I can catch some honeys while I’m in D.C. happily enjoying everything else that’ll be a goal met, but the bottom could still fall out of that plan if things don’t come together for it.
  While I’m talking about going places, I’ve got fairly big plans there. Technically I’m in the south, being in Virginia and all, but I’ve kind of said that Virginia isn’t ‘south enough’ to be the south. I know that’s wrong because Super Pear lives in VA, (and UMD in CA- not technically the south, but south of there is Mexico and ocean, so it’s the souther half for sure.), but I’m still going to further south on a long trip this year. Somebody on YouTube told me I’d have the pick of the litter if I went to Houston, and if memory serves, I heard Houston is one of the fattest cities on the planet. So that means I’ll be taking my long trip there, and my short trip to the carolinas. I might take another trip to D.C. at the end of the year too… maybe. Then of course, there’ll still be my Virginia Beach trips (speaking of those, I’m posting lots of pictures of my next trip!), and they’ll be better because I’ll actually be hitting that beach, and I’ll probably hit Buckroe Beach a time or two.
While I’m taking those kinds of rides, and since I was banned from Hampton University, I’m going to start making stopovers at ODU. I looked it up online and it’s not ‘not quite black enough’ but ‘not quite’ didn’t look that bad to be, and I’m sure the place has plenty enough steps. Steps? Yes, steps are important. Just before I got banned from Hampton University, I learned the true value of steps, and right when I made my vow to tape this thunder thigh carrier down some, she carried those thunder thighs over to the police and raised some thunder- so I can’t go there anymore… at least not in ’09. Remember that Target I got banned from? I got a flat tire on my bike in the cold, and Wal-Mart was out of them and I was desperate, so I went back in there, and everything was okay, like I’d expected it to be. I bet if I wait until 2010 to go back to HU the police will not recognize me. If you combine a potentially different cop staff with the fact that shifts and things differ and I might be okay. Emphasis on the word ‘might’, because that particular girl might still be a student there and still recognize me, and if I get stopped by the cops and they run up the fact that I’m banned I’ll be in legal trouble! But yeah, watching women bounce and jiggle down steps is very worth watching, and I hope that with ODU being a public place that invites visitors to come over and explore by themselves, unlike HU, that requires everyone who comes onto the campus to apply for a day pass to be there, I hope I’ll be safe there. I also plan to go back to my old neighborhood around there to look for old haunts- and tape overweight teens getting off the school busses. That might sound creepy, but I’ve never been dissappointed by those bbw girls; I just never actually went out specifically to shoot them.
I also plan on hitting all these festivals, particularly the Af’ram Festival and Festival of Sail that I completely missed this year. I’m looking up smaller ones, and I’ll spend even more time at the Spring Carnival. Vids for the ’08 carnival are coming soon to the Member’s Area as soon as ’09 starts.
  Well those are my place plans. My ‘site plans’ include implementing the things that feedback-leavers have been repeatedly telling me and that I’ve been saying I was going to do. That, and adding the coolest new content I can come up with to The Bonus Section toward the end of the year. I’ve also made little promises to start selling DVDs, including custom compilation DVDs, before ’09 ends. …but in order to do that, I need higher res, right?…

Well, did you notice this entry yet? When I said ‘return’ of the dangercam, I meant it, so look for 640×480 videos coming from that in a few months. I can’t show you any of the few previews I have from it yet because I need new software to process those files -except one. The making of this preview video made my computer crash multiple times, and I’m not trying to lose it. THIS IS THAT FILE’S LINK. THIS IS A CLICKABLE VIDEO LINK. That was a little shaky still, like the older, existing dangercam vids, but that problem will be fixed long before the new vids come up. But even the dangercam won’t be enough. My ultimate goal is this $500 super spy cam that’s tricked out with all the features I’ll need to put the danger of the dangercam to rest, and my current cam to shame. Blackstreetbbw will be an awesome place indeed once I get that!
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And may we all have a happy new year!