Anyone Record the Wizards Celtics game? There were Giant Juggs!

Did anyone record the comcast broadcast of the Wizards Celtics game from last night? I tried to, but I forgot the time the big tits appeared and failed. Of course, the stupid Wizards failed too, but they suck so that’s not the point of the game anymore. The point of the game is that I’m trying to find the Comcast broadcast of it before it disappears off the face of the Earth, because immediately after halftime, just as the players were opening the third quarter they showed a shot from the crowd with a woman with the biggest beasts I’ve seen on a program that wasn’t about breasts returning to her seat for the second half. She was in the lower right part of the screen.
The blog of blackstreetbbw NEEDs stuff like that! Now, I did catch one piece of really good bbw stuff from off TV that came off the news that I will be sharing, and I know that any rebroadcasts or accounts of the game without the express consent of the NBA is prohibited, but I wanted to show that kind of stuff here as much as possible! And I failed. Just like the stupid Wizards.