Black Street BBW Has Moved to A New City!

If you’ve been paying attention to blackstreetbbw you already know this, but for reasons I’ll explain later, especially if somebody cares enough to ask, blackstreetbbw‘s ‘base of operations’ has moved to Washington D.C. That, combined with my new, but, unfortunately silent, camera, will mean some very fresh stuff on the site in the future. Man, I really need to get the tons, tons, and more tons of Virginia BBWs I’ve got left so I an finally get to posting the new camera vids I finally have!

I haven’t been here long, and have shifted focus a bit so I haven’t been making candid trips really, but already something got to bug me. As I arrived in the city, about 3 blocks away from where I was moving into, I looked out the car window and saw an extremely impressive set of thunderous thunder thighs outside. Of course I didn’t tape them then, and I figured I’d see her again soon with her being in the neighborhood. What bugs me is that the very next time I was in the car, the very next day, someone else was driving, I was sitting in the car thinking I should have just turned my camera on in case I saw that woman again, and guess what? She was outside waling her dog and we drove right past her! Slow! And I KNEW it was going to happen! Arg!
I went on MySpace shortly after and found pictures of this young woman below, who also happened to live in D.C. I wanted to say “Well, because I missed her outside, I found her on MySpace!”, but I really don’t think I did! (I think the bbw girl I saw was a little thicker!!) You might’ve found this girl on MySpace already, or maybe on Babs

Thick, Curvy Black Women from MySpace: Some of the Hottest BBWs in America!

If you’re looking for very specific pics, scroll down this page, or click this gallery link here for more! Then click a pic when you’re there to find even more! If you want to see women like these that I’ve personally found, click here.
Otherwise, if you just want to see some hand picked great, curvy big women of color from my MySpace searching, just enjoy this page’s galleries! I was thinking I’d end up making, like, four post pages like this, but I think one or two might do it. I know I’ll add some more MySpace pics to the page, so be sure to come back here and look!

One More Time!: The Blog of Black Street BBWs’ Polls Need A Few More Votes In Them to Satisfy Me!

It seems like the easiest way to solicit feedback is to use polls, so I’d better use some to get some more for my main site, especially since rewarding people with a free preview video for filling out the very brief questionaire with a tease pic to lure them in for it worked really good back in the day when I did that. (Anyone remember blackstreetbbw ’06?). Still though, I really want to see a few more votes in these polls (all of them!), so pick through them and vote! I’ve also included opening-in-a-new-window links for you to use in case you want to view the original post to see what it was about before you cast a vote. Have fun, and click the polls and vote please!

Click here for a direct link to a quickie post of a fun poll

If a woman I was thinking about taping says something aloud that could enhance the erotic value of my videos is that a sign I should’ve taped her(Whether I was doing it or not)?

Who’s the Hottest Now?

Favorite Preview Video:

Cockroach Poll (lol)

The Unofficial Candid Camera BBW Blog of the Internet!

Welcome to The Blog of Blackstreetbbw, the one and only candid curvy black bbw picture, video, and story blog of the internet!
Representing one of the only candid camera websites specializing in curvy bbws and ssbbws,!
(Click pics for larger versions!)

Visit Black Street BBW’s Candid BBW Clip Store: Prices Now Cut in Half!

My site,, pretty much needs to do a ‘fundraiser’ in order for me to help make the cash I need soon to stay out of trouble and on track for my upcoming trip to Washington, D.C., so I’m trying to boost the staggeringly low conversion rate of the Blackstreetbbw Clip Store. Now all clips are TWO for one! That means you can buy any TWO clips for just $1.50! Or FOUR Member’s Area clips for just $2.25! Six for $3.25! So if you just wanted a few clips, you can just buy whatever clips you wanted and save. Also members have a reason to visit too! I hate to keep dangling teaser videos in front of you and then not updating the member’s area yet, but I really do need to at least try this fundraising thing, so… any video you see on this blog that you know isn’t in the member’s area, and it was NOT shot using the ‘dangercam’ (the camera that current Member’s Area videos are NOT shot with!). You can order any two you want and see them now! Just use the Clip Store to put in an order, and put the names of the pictures for the videos you want in the info box. You’ll pay for them through PayPal like you did for your membership, and I will email you your videos withing 24 hrs. You can get the name of any pic by clicking on it to go to ShareAPic if it’s linked to there (as most of my pics are), and then just downloading it.
Once again, all videos are now TWO for one on the posted prices! I will be updating the Clip Store soon, but you should order now if you want future clips now!
There is two ‘dangercam’ video that you can have now(because they don’t need editing)- if, of course, you’re willing to pay $1.50 for them or pick whatever other video you want with one, and these are those two:

If you like thunder thighs, you will not be dissapointed, because the subjects are good, and the quality is too- 640×480!
And do you know who the first girl is? Remember that woman with the huge butt in the black spandex pants? Also in a Preview Vid here on this Page. Well, that’s her again! This is only a Thunder Thigh Video, admittedly, because her jacket hid her waist-to-hip ratio, but still!
I am getting a little tired of excessive teasing, so I’m working my butt off to bump up the next update and get it out on New Year’s Day. It might be late at night on that day, but ’09 will start off on a good foot with an update!

Candid BBW & SSBBW Post: A New Style of Blog Entry Title-ing

Hugey over at HugeHeavyBreasts gave me some advice on my blog titles to get more traffic: They’re not keyword optimized at all! I looked at them in my mind and said “You’re right!” So for now on… I think… I’ll be using keyword rich titles followed by ‘my classic style’ titles. Why am I telling you this? To see if I can get some more traffic to this blog, and ultimately to!

Thunder [BBW]’s Thunder Thighs

It’s time for thunder! No, not thunder thunder, but the thunder thighs of thunder thigh bbw web model thunder! I wish she’d shosen a two word name, because thunder alone turns up a lot of pictures of thunder bolts, than thunder thighs.
… but anyway, that, and the fact that my previous post on her generated a lot of traffic for me here, are why I’m posting this now.
I beleive Ms Powerbosom should be okay with this because I emailed her and specifically asked her if thunder still models for powerbosom and if it’d be okay if I make one post on thunder and share her clothed non-porn pics via my shareapic gallery. She responded and said she liked my site too, but the answer was a little ambigous, & I didn’t get a response when I asked for more clarification, so I’m putting the pics up now, and if any problems do arise, I’ll just take them down.
No more talk! thunder PICS! 78 inch ass with 28 inch waist! (What are the inches of her thighs?!) Unbelievable!

My 1st Webfind Category Post

Holy Hell!!!

Okay, that’s it for today. Now go to Blackstreetbbw where you will NOT find this woman or jpegs of this quality, but you will find other hot women like this! …Or go to BABs to find more of these party’s pics. …Or click here to find more pics of thunder.