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Good! February 2009 is Over and March is Starting! Spring is Coming to Go These Spring BBW Candids!

Let me begin this post by saying that if there’s anybody reading this that’s got a blog or website to promote and is looking for a linking partner for a link exchange, if your site or blog’s relevant to anything candid or bbw, or pertains to extreme body parts of curvy and/or black women, I’m game! Hit me up if you want to trade some links and some traffic with blackstreetbbw! You can contact me directly using this link.

 Time to get off to an early start for almost-spring-but-not-yet, by beginning to type this right after midnight! For the first time ever, it looks like I’m actually going to be posting spring footage in spring! Of course, all this stuff is from last spring, but still! That means I’m only one year behind and not that and some months! Don’t think that means that you have to wait a year to get to see today’s fresh footage from my danger camera though! First off, I have some of that that’s several months old so progress is being made toward it, and second, I’m a lot more serious about updating blackstreetbbw than I used to be, even if it doesn’t look like it, so I’m going to get to those vids. It’ll just take a while, plus I have this excuse to wait: I don’t have a video editor that can handle my newer vids without causing my computer to crash! If anybody can reccomend a good, or at least decent, not too buggy, FREE video editor that can handle .ASF and .avi videos that has some special effects like slow motion and allows you to make vidcaps so I don’t have to do screencaps leave a comment telling me about it! I need it!
  But yeah, so far March is getting off to a decent start already. I got first place on another toplist for the first time ever. I know blackstreetbbw only got first on the ‘My Best Sex Sites’ toplist, second on the ButtBytr toplist, and third on Dirty Videos Online because those toplists had all just refreshed, but still, that was something I needed to see, and had always wanted to do: Get a very high spot on a hard-to-rise-on top listing because I voted for myself immediately after the list did a refresh.
I have very high hopes for this month, because if good stuff doesn’t happen to blackstreetbbw all month long, thing’s’ll get real rough for blackstreetbbw ’09. If you ever felt like making a donation to help blackstreetbbw get it’s new super spy cam or batteries for the danger cam at least, now is an awesomely awesome time to do it, or… JOIN blackstreetbbw! If you’re real cheap and like your things real cheap, you too can help out, and get what you want in return via The Blackstreetbbw Clip Store. Prices there start at just $1.50, and you’re not limited in what you can buy to just the videos you see there. You can request any clips you want that you see on The Blackstreetbbw Site Tour by telling me those are the clips you want to buy in the text box at the bottom of the form. Help make 2009 good for blackstreetbbw any way you can if you like it, because it’s a super low cost thing to do! 😉

Black Street Bbw is Thrown Off/Out of Another Place! (On the ‘Net This Time!)

It looks like something I’ve been doing with my site,, has bothered a bbw pixie. Remember this post about blackstreetbbw’s brief moment at the top? Well, it turns out that the length of my stay at the top of the chart wasn’t the only thing that turned out to be so much briefer than I wanted it to be. Blackstreetbbw has been completely thrown off the bigbuttbbws uk toplist! And that was my biggest sender of link traffic too! Dang!
 What did I do? I didn’t even have the link on this blog anymore. That’s what I did with my BBW Registry link too, since they were my biggest source of traffic at the time I made my links page and I didn’t want to risk raising an issue with them if they had some sort of problem with linking to thier list from two places. I was worried they’d call that cheating, but I really felt the chance slight, and went on to put the rest of the links on there, and you guys can keep clicking them for me. The Big Butt BBWs UK big booty link was taken down long before I got removed/banned from there list, but it was left in that post. Still, I wonder a little why blackstreetbbw was removed and what could be done about it, so I emailed the webmaster of the list. The only reason I had thier email was because they’d sent me an email since I was on thier old list letting them know it was changing to it’s current form that I was on. Trying to find thier contact info through my address book looked hopeless, but I put in that search of emails for the word ‘toplist’ and found the old email. The email didn’t get returned to me, so I know the address is real, but let’s see if I actually get a response. I hate how when your content gets deleted from the internet by someone they never tell you what the problem was, and if they give you an reason at all, it doesn’t count because it’s something like “TOS violation”.

Blackstreetbbw’s Brief Moment at the Top

I was searching for good news for, and finding A LITTLE, when I went to bed. I woke up around the time I’d planned, mainly because my throat was itching and not because my alarm clok’d gone off, and I dragged myself over to my computer to do what I’d ‘scheduled myself’ to do: Vote for myself on the toplists because not enough people are using links like this to CLICK LINKS and help my candid bbw breasts and booty website. (Many of the little ones are doing extra bad, and the BBWRegistry came up second page- short!) Going through all those toplists is where I found my really exciting good news!

Yeah! A top spot!
Yeah! A top spot!

There was other good news- or kind of bittersweet-just-barely-sweet-enough-to-be-good news- like how I passed my minimum profit target for the day with $11 so far, but I did that with only TWO transactions! I had one rebill come in and got one new member, and my only cancellation was one done by an actual member, and not by PayPal because the rebill bounced, so technically that guy, who I was glad to see had been around for months, was still goig to be around for a little while. I’m trying to get my blackstreetbbw’s membership back up after the biggest- and only- net member loss it experienced back in october. I wonder if my site will ever recover from that devastating loss. I got a link trade to fly, but that was out of NINE attempts sent out by email, and I’d gotten a new member for yesterday at the last minute so I couldn’t say I hadn’t gotten one, as was true on the weekend. Still missed my targets, but I got a donation monday, so with a new member too, I still found monday joy.

Oh yeah, and I run a little blog that has nothing to do with bbw that none of you know about, although you might‘ve figured out what it’s about if you’ve been seriously nosing around my ShareAPic pages, (alternately, I just noticed that you can scan the pic for clues- oops!) and it’s finally getting it’s first visitors. Three in one day isn’t good, but it’s better than one a week!
I expect to find more joy, so don’t let me down!

YouTube’s Finally Closing In On Deleting Me

YouTube’s finally gonna delete me? It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m planning on it.
 I’d looked and listened around on the ‘net and found out about some people’s adult YouTube posting experiences, and I’d started to think about all of that, and I was like “Why have all these people had thier accounts completely deleted, but mine’s fine, when mine is worse than theirs?”
  Well, about five or six weeks ago they removed Part Seven of the ‘Super Preview’ and gave me a warning that if they had to delete another video of mine in the next six months for violating their community guideline my account would be deleted. Today somebody reviewed part five of the Super Preview after someone likely got mad at it and reported it, and found it to be in violation of YouTube’s community guidelines too, but instead of getting my account suspended, I just was warned that I’d lose my posting privledges until two weeks after I acknowledged that message. I clicked ‘acknowledge’.

 I probably will never be using my YouTube account again because it’s only a matter of time before another one of my video gets flagged and I’m gone for good from there like everybody else who tries to promote adult material via YouTube eventually gets it, and because I think that YouTube account has served it’s purpose. Looking back at those old classic videos that still only have a few thousand views made me think about and remember why I made the account in the first place. I remember holding back on posting preview videos until I was sure I was ready, expecting a surge in traffic and bracing myself for a somewhat remote possibility of trouble. Would somebody find via there and then one thing would lead to another and I’d end up in my local news? I remembered when I’d thought about that again and decided to go through my account and kill two bird with one stone by deleting low star, duplicatish, or unneccesary videos so at least there’d be less videos of mine on there, and therefore a slightly, slightly lower chance of my being caught, and I’d be taking down vids with poor stars and views and reviews that might’ve been making blackstreetbbw look bad and causing people who wanted to checkout more of my videos before checking out my website to have second thoughts. I didn’t delete more than a small few, and I remember when I went back and moved the links in the descriptions- once I realized that Vimeo (who deleted me a LONG time ago- twice- and REALLY wasn’t worth posting one) wasn’t the only video sharing site that converted HTML in thier video descriptions into clickable links- to the front so people would not have to press for ‘more’ before they’d see the link in the description. I think I’d had a few videos that I hadn’t thought were the best but were up on there anyway and I’d pushed the link back on purpose and that’s why it was back there, but no more.
I remember all these positive and negative comments, most of which you can see if you sign in on my YouTube Chanel (If it’s still in existence by the time you read this). One thing I don’t remember though, is my YouTube password! I just bookmarked my Account Page back in ’07, changed emails, and never looked back until I realized I’d forgotten my login info!

  I don’t know why (but maybe you do!) but the 7 part Super Preview was nowhere near as successful at raising blackstreetbbw membership as the 4 part Mega Preview before it was. That’s why I’ve changed my preview page to put the Super Preview on the second page. Making that preview monster was a lot of work, maybe it took too long to download even with my making the first part short and sweet, and it just didn’t convert. Parts 5 & 7 were banned from YouTube, and part six was banned from DailyMotion! DailyMotion! Compared to YouTube, you have to be cop killer cannibal bad to get your videos removed from dailymotion, but not only did that part get deleted from there a long time back on my old account, but my whole DailyMotion account got suspended! Then when I tried to make another account, I couldn’t! Then customer service wouldn’t help me either! It took a lot for me to finally get back on there. It took days. That seven part Super Preview was nothing but trouble. Just a few minutes though, I did look at my web stats and see that for once, for the first time I actually was paying attention and noticed, somebody actually went to Blackstreetbbw Preview 2 Page and stayed there long enought to watch the entire Super Preview, then continued browsing before leaving blackstreetbbw shortly.
  YouTube never became my number one source of hits or anything like that, but a lot of people first found preview videos, so with two other recent losses, AND the potential future loss of this blog, and thus my ability to be found via Google, I wonder where my future hits will come from. I don’t really want to do any more link exchanges, so I guess maybe I’ll get lucky with new toplists. On toplists, The Big Fat Booty Toplist just vanished into thin air friday morning, and all my traffic from it with it. I’d waited over five months to get listed there back in ’07- longer than I’ve ever waited to get featured without giving up on it, and that listing instantly became my number one source of hits at the time, so when you combine that with the dissapearance of a small toplist that I was about to reach the top area of, and it makes sense that I’m down about 100 visitors a day right now- a lot for a site that was only getting 600 a day as an all time high. It’s kind of like when the most appropriate for blackstreetbbw feeling toplist ‘CurvyClicks’ went offline, except that one was my ‘Link of the Update’ and everything at the time it went defunct. I was close to the top of that one most of the time too, but then some heavy hitters started getting on it and knocking me out of the top. I’d asked people to help me find errors on the website, because I knew there had to be a lot of them with me doing all my HTML by hand, and there were, and one of those people helped me by letting me know curvyclicks went under and I took thier link down.
If anybody can help blackstreetbbw get more hits, as always, that will be appreciated. Feel free.
Oh yeah, and click on the picture links on this blog! That’ll help blackstreetbbw get paid! I’d put a main gallery link here, but WordPress won’t like that if I do that. I’d like it if you looked at more posts to find them though!

With The Fall Special and Customer Satisfaction Survey stuck above this, and other ‘textier’ posts below, I was wondering how new readers might respond to the site of so much text at the top of a blog like this. Would my paid click pics get clicked less? I haven’t been getting quite as many clicks lately. I thought it might take ’till infinity for me to find out the answer, since folks seldom leave comments, you know, but nope, I found out in super short order when, within hours, one of said readers left me a super negative comment. You can read it here. I’d had half a mind to just blog a fresh rant about that one, but I decided it’d be better to just mention it here and make another REAL blog entry once I get finished cleaning unfinished things up here.