The Third Carnival Update’s Coming Super Soon

Many people have probably been coming here wondering why there’s all this text all over the place here, and no pictures on here or updates on the website that this blog is supposed to be about, Well, I’m having my computer compile[or whatever] the videos as we speak, so I will have an update to post in 24 hrs. or less. For real! While you’re waiting for the videos, why not read yesterday’s blog story post? That ought to keep you busy just long enough to hold you until the blackstreetbbw.comupdate drops some time tomorrow.

Thick, Curvy Black Women from MySpace: Some of the Hottest BBWs in America!

If you’re looking for very specific pics, scroll down this page, or click this gallery link here for more! Then click a pic when you’re there to find even more! If you want to see women like these that I’ve personally found, click here.
Otherwise, if you just want to see some hand picked great, curvy big women of color from my MySpace searching, just enjoy this page’s galleries! I was thinking I’d end up making, like, four post pages like this, but I think one or two might do it. I know I’ll add some more MySpace pics to the page, so be sure to come back here and look!

Customer Satisfaction Survey satisfaction survey.

I really need responses to this post. I think I’ve done a lot of things right but also gotten a lot of things wrong with my candid bbw video website,, so I really need your feedback on things. If you are or were a member, what aspects of the site are you satisfied or not satisfied with? If you’re not a member and have never been, what would you like to see more or less of? If you’ve never been to Blackstreetbbw.combefore, click the link and go have a look, then leave feedback there or come back here and leave it.

I really try to get visitor feedback, but it’s hard to get an answer to a question from visitors when I have one, so please, tell me what you like and don’t like about blackstreetbbw, and be as specific as you feel like getting!

Ok, I Can Finally Say the Update’s Coming and Mean It!

I know it’s been ages ince blackstreetbbw has been updated, and unfortunately, unlike all the other times where you all had to wait a month for an update and then got a huge one, this one won’t even be big. But… I got a lot of problems I was having all august out of the way, so I can get back on track now. The first part of the update will probably be online in the member’s area in 35 hours.
I’m wondering if I should go out today. It’s drizzling outside, but my neighbor just got back from ‘ghetto Wal-Mart’ and said the place was packed and getting packed-er for back-to-school shopping. To go or not to go?

Still Didn’t Quite Finish the Previous Post Like I Really Should’ve

Should I have added more to it? I’d already added all the pics. It took a long time to pick them all out, but I was glad to realize that I probably wouldn’t have to upload them one at a time! None of those videos are scheduled to go into the BlackstreetBBW member’s area anytime soon, but… if anyone wants to see any of the videos NOW they’re available in the Clips-by-Email Store now! Buy them cheap! Very few people have used the Blackstreetbbw Clip Store, but at least it has been used. For some reason no ones entered thier email on it, so it’s a good thing thier PayPal emails were there. I guess I should emphasize the email field a little more. But I sure am glad it got used!
For some reason I haven’t really felt like doing the blackstreetbbw work I’ve been needing to do. I finally got some motivation to move on when my first Clip Store clip sold on the smae day I got a brand spanking new member, so I did A LITTLE, but didn’t post it… so the very minor updating every other day I’d said I’d be doing before… well that actually all starts now. Maybe when I slow down a little, get my business taken care of and get this excess caffiene out of my system it will be easier to work on my HTML.
I went to another special event, too! I won’t really be showing any pics from it because I don’t really want to and my memory card’s not nearly full anyway, but that’s one more set of videos in the future that come from someplace fresh. And guess who I saw there? Anybody remember the girl I once refferred to as ‘The Queen of the Curve’ that I got banned from target for filming? I saw her there volunteer working the booth Target had set up. There’s another reason why I don’t have to show you those pics now- you already know what that young lady looks like! If you don’t, click here and search the page, then look on pages 3 and 5.
But yeah, it was cool to go to a little mini-festival for filming. I’d actually mainly gone there because they said in the paper there’d be free food, but all I got was a few pieces of candy and 3 hard cookies and a Chic-Fillet coupon. They had popcorn but they kept running out. That was the least free food I ever saw at an event advertised as having free food. That was false advertisement! 😛 … Oh well, at least there was free music and free bbw.

Okay, Here’s What’s Coming

I didn’t manage to get everything done that I said I’d do, so I’m glad I’d said that number to one more days. I had some stuff I wanted to say today, but it’s late now so I don’t have time to tell you about my last candid trip I’d mentioned, and I’m on track to get everything going up tomorrow so I’ll do everything tomorrow. Check tommorrow! Then the day after, check here!